Monday, February 23, 2015

Marlborough Gulf: Providing The Best Wealth Planning Services

There are lots of issues that can affect one’s finances, from the increasing prices of amenities like food, increasing bills and mortgages, and many more. These factors have been the common reasons individuals are looking for ways to improve their income. One of the best wealth plans you can opt for is to start your own business. However, you must still consider a lot of factors to make your business profitable. If you are looking for an effective wealth plan, it is best to work with specialists like Marlborough Gulf.

What is Marlborough Gulf
Established in 2003 at Guernsey, Channel; Marlborough Trust Company Limited has provided the best services in relation to wealth protection and business structuring with the use of trusts, foundations, corporate vehicles and other legal entities. The company can provide effective services with the help of the strong associates in various fields such as:

•    International tax
•    Private banking
•    Legal
•    Executive search
•    Business Consultancy

What are the services of Marlborough Gulf?

As of now, Marlborough Gulf offers numerous services that can cater to your needs. Listed below are the following:

•    Company Formations – This solution may be incorporated in a wide range of jurisdictions. It can often provide further flexibility when structuring private or corporate wealth. With this solution, a company will have the following characteristics: Incorporated by law; Distinct and separate legal personality from its creator; Limited liability; Option to issue shares; and Perpetual existence.

•    Free Zone Companies – By opting for this solution, you have over 30 Free Zones locations for your business.

•    Trusts & Foundations - Marlborough Gulf uses Trusts from various jurisdictions. This is needed since these are flexible arrangements and can be structured to satisfy almost all circumstances, including owning commercial structures, private family wealth and investments.

•    Shariah Trusts - The most common jurisdictions with forced heirship rules are civil law countries and countries with Shariah law in place.

•    Shariah Compliance – The company can work in conjunction with legal professionals with Shariah Islamic qualifications to ensure that any arrangements are Shariah compliant.

•    International Property Structures - Marlborough Gulf provides bespoke structuring services for the sourcing, purchase, management and ongoing overseeing of properties in multiple jurisdictions.

Marl-gulf•    International Pensions – Marlborough Gulf has a variety of products suitable for clients looking to secure their pension assets in a robust and reputable scheme.

Why choose Marlborough Gulf

1.    The company has a team of qualified professionals supported by well-experienced and trained staff.
2.    The company is committed to working in the UAE and Gulf region by providing solutions and seeking efficient structures to protect wealth.
3.    The company is an independent, client focused and service driven company.
4.    The company is registered and licensed as a FREEZONE Company under the Rules and Regulations of DMCCA.

In case that you are looking for other services, you can visit them at to find the best wealth planning service that can make your future better.

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