Monday, February 23, 2015

AQUACERT – Your Partner For Easy And Inexpensive Legionella Water Testing

Water-borne diseases can be deadly. Legionnaires’ disease is a serious lung infection that is caused by legionella bacteria. The disease can be in traced in contaminated water sources and water systems where the legionella bacterium is commonly found. The bacteria can multiply fast in artificial water supply systems such as hot and cold water systems as well as showers.

In the United Kingdom, they have strict regulations when it comes to ensuring water quality, including the control of legionella bacteria in water systems. Non-compliance would result to prosecutions. With the help of technology, it is now possible to make unsafe water safe again to be used for different purposes. But to be certain that the water is safe, it has to be tested. And this is the service that AquaCert provides.

How To Prove That Your Water Is Free From Legionella Bacteria

AquaCert provides an easy and reasonably priced legionella water testing procedure for screening water for legionella bacteria. They offer a complete service that costs from only £44.50 + VAT. They offer their services all over the United Kingdom. The good thing about choosing them is that they offer free advice as well as guidance on how to eliminate the bacteria and also on future control and monitoring in case of a positive legionella result.

Choosing Your Legionella Testing Kit

When you go to the website of AquaCert at, you will be guided in choosing your water testing kits. There are different categories where a legionella testing kit may be used for. You can find them at the left panel of the website. The main categories are:

Water Systems
Sports and Leisure
Other Types of Properties

Under these main categories, there are specific areas that they cover. And you can find out about each specific area by clicking on it.

Their Process For Legionella Risk Assessment

AquaCert has greatly changed the way legionella testing is done in the UK. They have made what was once an expensive procedure into an affordable one that any individual, business, or institution can afford.

There are 3 simple steps a client has to follow so that there is no need for white coated chemists to arrive in the premises.

  1. Fill the sterile bottle (the company will send over) with water from their hot taps and showers.
  2. Place the bottle in the supplied bag and inform the company that the sample is ready.
  3. AquaCert will collect the sample and then perform the laboratory test and send over the client’s certificate.

If the test yielded a poor result, they will advice the client of the remedial actions. Clients will be able to see their own analysis certificates on the internet by using a password that will be given to them.

To know more about what type of legionella testing kit to use, click here.

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