Friday, March 13, 2015

180 Nutrition – Your Best Partner In Getting Fitter And Healthier Every Day

Getting fit and healthy these days is becoming a difficult due to the increasing sedentary lifestyle as well as the production of instant foods, which are basically, not healthy. With that said, many people are becoming overweight or underweight. So what can be done? Well, there were researches showing various kinds of diets and exercises that can help a certain individual achieve the body he or she wants. All you have to do is to find out which among these fitness regimens will work best for you. Also, it is a smart idea to consult or work with a reliable nutritionist. 180 Nutrition can be you best partner in achieving a healthier, titter body.

About 180 Nutrition

About 8 years ago, Guy Lawence, a fitness trainer concluded that the infamous food pyramid sucked. Thus, he wanted to get to the bottom of it all and discover what it will take to achieve amazing health. Whilst on his search for the truth, he stumbled across a small charity that had been helping people suffering from cancer. A team of health professionals decided to get together and make use of nutrition and exercise as their prescribed therapy. The results Lawence saw were indeed staggering and it quickly highlighted how powerful food as well as exercise can be when prescribed correctly.

With the concept of protein superfood in place, Lawence met Stuart Cooke on a surf patrol at Coogee Beach in Sydney. With an equal passion for true health and fitness along with 20 years of graphic design experience, they teamed up together; thus, 180 Nutrition was born in March 2010.

Their mission is to provide a wide range of natural superfood products which are genuinely beneficial to one’s health – products that you can certainly trust. Moreover, they have created an amazing resource along with a vibrant community of like-minded people.

Products They Offer

180 Natural Protein Superfood – Their superfood formulas are loaded with protein, good fats, and fibre. It can help you eliminate bad food, recover after exercise and trim down. You can get them in an original or vegan versions in both coconut and chocolate flavours.

180 Superfood & WOD Bars –Some of the benefits you can get when you choose their natural protein bars include 100% natural and gluten-free ingredients, effectively refuel after a workout, boost energy with real food, and enjoy a snack that it not packed with chemicals.

Monkey Bites Kids Snack – These are made from all natural, nutritious, whole food ingredients. They are actually free of gluten, chemicals, fructose, and nuts; thus, they are excellent snacks that your kids can eat every day.

Clean Eating Online Program

Their offered Clean Eating Transformation will help you find your natural body weight, look and feel amazing, understand how to eat for long-lasting health, and experience amazing energy levels. The program starts with 3 amazing videos that will answer all your questions about nutrition. This is actually a culmination of all their knowledge presented in an easy to understand format. For more info about this program, the company and their offerings, check out

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