Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Review Of The WA Institute of Martial Arts Website

Martial arts learners can visit websites to check some pointers and tips that help them enhance their skill further. The WA Institute of Martial Arts website is among the online resources to check as it has rich information valuable not only to adults or kids who are engage in martial arts training but also to those who are curious about this learning.


One of the most innovative and professional martial arts school to consider if you are looking for a martial arts training school in the Australasian region is the WA Institute of Martial Arts. Their mission is to ignite every student’s confidence in life with life skills learned from martial arts. And with the team of inspiring role models, the school aims to make a difference one person, one family, and one community at a time.

What They Offer

Kids Martial Arts – The school specialise in the character development of kids and in teaching them life skills. Help your children become more confident. By engaging kids in martial arts programs, they are able to overcome the trouble of making friends, shyness, bad grades, disrespectful attitude, getting into trouble or fights, and laziness. The key to your child’s success is confidence.

Adults Martial Arts – Whether you want to learn skills for protection, get in shape, make new friends or simply have fun, WAIMA have rewarding programs for adults. This caters for all fitness and ability levels.

Muay Thai Kickboxing – Get in the best shape and become an elite athlete. WAIMA’s Muay Thai program will push you to the limits of physical fitness as you get all the great benefits. Learn techniques that will enable you keep your place in the ring and knock your opponent. If you desire to become a master in Muay Thai, certification programs are also available.

Other packages – the institute find ways to help you strengthen core values. They offer leadership development program, motivational speaking, goal setting, strength and core conditioning training, self defense workshops, bully defense workshops, sporting teams, personal protection workshops, boot camps, team building, corporate events, and so on.

Enrich Your Martial Arts Knowledge

Visit their blog to enrich your knowledge on martial arts. Watch and learn tips from the masters. You might want to check the following posts:

  • The Often Overlooked Pointers When Doing A Leg Sweep Takedown
  • How To Go About Self Defence Against A Front Choke
  • How To Use An Age Old Self Preservation Technique From The Romans To Fight Off A Flurry Of Punches

Servicing about 1,200 students, WAIMA have 3 martial arts training schools around Perth. You can check for the exact locations of their schools in Greenwood, Currambine and Myaree.

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