Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Review On TS EXPORT, Your Source Of Left Hand Drive Cars For Sale In Japan

Want to export cars, car parts and accessories from Japan? Japan is known as the country where high performance and reliable cars are manufactured. This reputation makes every car enthusiast dream of owning vehicles exported from this country. Even those from countries where right-hand drive vehicles are predominant, they source left-hand drive cars for sale in Japan.


Vehicle Importation Process

The process of importing high-quality vehicles or auto parts from Japan however can be complicated. It involves paper works to make sure that what you are doing is legal. More often, language barrier will stop you from your goal. Fortunately, there are reliable exporting companies such as TS EXPORT to help you with vehicle importation process. Buy like you are living in Japan and that you can speak Japanese fluently.


The website is your one-stop-shop solution for importing cars from Japan. To get started, visit www.ts-export.com. Here you will see where you can possibly source your car - from auctions, dealers, retailers, private sellers, recyclers and even end users. Provided here are variety of choices and the best prices. In just one page, you’ll have listings of whatever you are looking for. For example, if you want left hand drive cars for sale, there is a page where you can view a complete list of available vehicles for export. As of this writing, the page says, “15,000 Left Hand Drive Vehicles are available for export from Japan at any time.”

The Left Hand Drive Vehicles From Japan Page

This page will show you new and used left hand drive vehicles available from auctions, dealers, wholesalers and directly from end users throughout Japan.  Aside from Japanese cars, American and European left hand drive cars are also available. Whether you are in search of passenger or recreational vehicles, front wheel drive, rear wheel drive or four wheel drives, the page will display a complete listing for you. On this page you will see:

  • Japanese Brand – Acura, Honda, Infiniti, Lexus, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota
  • Other Brand – German LHD, American LHD, Italian LHD, French LHD, Swedish LHD
  • By Type – Motorhomes
  • Auction – click the link to view vehicle listings

Thumbnail images are provided for you to view samples of available stocks. Clicking on these images will allow you to view their full details. If you want to access the complete database, just click the link provided.

If you want your right hand drive converted to left hand drive, there is a link on the page where you can learn more about conversion of vehicles.

Let reputable exporting company handle all your exporting requirements. With TS EXPORT, you can get high-quality vehicles or auto parts from Japan and receive them in good condition.  Read more TS EXPORT reviews here.

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