Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hino: The Leading Truck And Automotive Dealer In UAE

When you own a business, you need to transport and deliver products and goods to your clients. This is an essential task since damaged goods during transport reduces your profits. Transporting goods efficiently also improves your reputation. With this said, more and more business owners invest in trucks for their business. Surely, purchasing trucks, most especially in UAE, can be frustrating due to the number of brands, models and dealerships to choose from. So, if you need durable and sturdy trucks for your business, the ideal option is to purchase Hino trucks from Hino.

Facts About Hino

•    HINO Motors Limited (HML), which is now a subsidiary of TOYOTA Motor Corporation, was founded in 1910 and established as a separate company in 1942.
•    Hino Motors Limited has also a large market share in other Asian markets and in Australia.
•    Hino also produces Toyota badged vehicles on commission, including the popular sport utility vehicle, the Land Cruiser Prado, and the FJ Cruiser, and supplies Toyota with dyna two-ton trucks and with Toyoace two-ton commercial vehicles.
•    One of the largest Hino plants outside Japan is a Thai manufacturing operation established in 1964 and produces axle assemblies for TOYOTA™s IMV model line.
•    Worldwide sales of HINO brand trucks and buses total about 100,000 vehicles a year.
•    Truck and bus manufactured by Hino, as well as for Toyota, Lexus, Toyota Industrial Equipment and Warehouse Equipment BT are exclusively offered by Al-Futtaim Motors, the largest distributor of automotive products and leads the rapid development of automobile business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Hino Trucks And Services

As of now, Hino offers a wide variety of trucks that can cater to any business needs. Some of their most popular trucks are the following.

Hino 300 series - HINO 300 Series is the solution to providing a smart, easy-to-use, reliable, efficient, durable and functional vehicle in the category of light-duty trucks. The HINO 300 series employs a forward tilting cab that allows for easy maintenance and inspections. Buyers can choose from DUTRO LDT Cardo Body, DUTRO LDT Chassis, DUTRO LDT long wheel chassis, DUTRO LDT high power, DUTRO LDT high payload and DUTRO LDT crew cab.

Hino 500 series - HINO 500 Series is based on low-emission, fuel-efficient technologies. HINO 500 series provide better environment with features such as switch layout with excellent operability and pedal layout. Buyers of Hino 500 series can choose from FD MDT Chassis, GD MDT Chassis, FG MDT Chassis and GH MDT Chassis.

Hino 700 series - HINO 700 Series meets the high demands of what is expected from a heavy-duty truck such as environmental consideration, high economical efficiency, and excellence. The HINO 700 series offers a range of function that understands the two aspects of safety. Buyers can choose from ZS HDT Chassis 6x4, SH HDT Tractor 4x2 and SV HDT Tractor 6x4.

Apart from that, Hino also offers services for your trucks like after hour servicing, on site servicing, driver training, service contracts and preventive service management schedules.

Why Choose Hino For Your Business

•    Hino strives in design and development to make vehicles easy to operate as possible for users and dealers to service.
•    The company has three fully fledged service stations dedicated to servicing Hino vehicles, strategically positioned to cover the UAE.
•    Hino guarantees full workmanship and genuine parts purchased for the period of six months from date of sale.

In case that you want to know more about Hino, you can visit htwww.hino.ae to find the ideal truck for your business.

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