Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Exquisite And Functional Lighting Fixtures You Can Get From MAGINS Lighting

reputable supplier of outdoor lighting fixtures

A lot of house design and décor magazines and websites are sharing various interesting articles about beautifying, remodelling and restyling porches, patios, and other outdoor living areas. This is because outdoor entertaining is quite a popular trend nowadays. In addition, it would definitely be worth your time, effort and money to have a lovely outdoor space where you can relax and have some “me” or family time.

As such, many property owners in Australia are devoting a lot of their time and budget to improve and redesign their outdoor living areas. They find ways and means to beautify their areas by repainting them. Homeowners also invest in chairs, table and other furniture and also place in these spaces other decorative items such as potted plants, beautiful vases and ornamental clay jars. 

However, your porch, patio and other outdoor space won’t be complete and would even be unappealing if you don’t have beautiful exterior lighting fixtures.  Aside from being lovely decors, they serve the important purpose of lighting the outdoor living area and even your whole lawn.

trusted supplier of outdoor lighting fixtures

Where To Get Your Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

There are many shops where you can get various types, styles and designs of outdoor lighting fixtures. However, in Australia, one of the most renowned lighting shops you can go to for your exterior illumination feature needs is MAGINS Lighting.

MAGINS is an independent Australia boutique lighting shop and showroom located in Willoughby on the Lower North Shore of Sydney. The company has been in the lighting industry for over 2 decades now.

The company’s line-up of lighting fixtures range border on classic lines, real materials, and quality finishes. Their specialised selection includes highly sought American fittings wired to Australian Standards and other exclusive designs. All their featured products are fully functional, safe, elegant and aesthetically appealing.

leading supplier of outdoor lighting fixtures

MAGINS’ Exterior Lighting Fixtures

MAGINS’ line-up of exterior lighting fixtures are:

• iL Fanale exterior lighting collections
• Lille wall lanterns
• Portia wall lanterns
• Devonia wall lanterns
• Royal London wall sconce 
• Starboard wall sconce 
• Bingham wall sconce 
• Cosmo wall sconce 

Other Products

Aside from its impressive selection of exterior lighting features, MAGINS also carries other types of illuminating fixtures and other household functional items. These include:

• iL Fanale interior collections
• Ceiling light fixtures
• Ceiling lanterns
• Ceiling box lanterns
• Ceiling veranda round pendant features
• Interior wall fixtures
• Hardware
• Armac cabinet handles

To know more about this lighting boutique company, details about their showroom, their various products, visit magins.com.au.

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