Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Review On Tim Gantz Lawn Care

Today, owning a healthy-looking and beautiful lawn is easier compared to before when the homeowner really has to have plenty time to water, mow and properly care for the grass and other plants. Unlike before, you can already get expert and quality lawn care services today so you won’t have to spend more time taking care of your lawn.

All About Tim Gantz Lawn Care

Tim Gantz Lawn Care is actually one of the most trusted lawn care service providers today. Tim Gantz, being the owner of the company always makes it a point to provide the best quality service to the customers and as a result, these customers become loyal to the company and even recommend it to some of their friends and relatives.

With over 25 years of customer service experience, Tim Gantz already knows what most clients and customers want. Tim always aims for quality services to give his clients satisfaction with every service they get.

What They Provide

If you think that the company only offers expert lawn care maintenance such as mowing and watering of the grass, you are definitely wrong. The company can be your one-stop shop if you want complete services to achieve the kind of lawn you have always wanted.

- Lawn Care Services. This includes all the needed services for expert lawn care such as mowing and cleaning the grass bed.

- Fertilization Services. Grass and other plants really need fertilization. However, most homeowners really do not have any idea about the right fertilizers to use and how to properly use them. Getting this service is such an advantage.

- Hardscape Weed Suppression Program. If you need to get rid of some weeds that ruin the overall look of your lawn or garden and walkways, this service is best for you.

- Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance Services. This is for those who need expert repair and maintenance of the sprinkler system which is very important in lawns.

- Aeration Services. Most lawn care service providers do not actually have this service. However, since this is equally important as other lawn care services, you can take advantage of this service twice a year as recommended by the experts.

These services are provided not only to help you achieve the best lawns in your neighborhood but also to help you get smart ideas on home improvement seeing that beautiful lawns greatly contribute to the overall beauty of the property. Tim Gantz Lawn Care also offers free estimate for those who are interested with their services.

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