Monday, April 6, 2015

Dubai Kennels & Cattery – Helping You In Terms Of Animal Care And Relocations

Caring for a pet is not easy – you have to learn a lot of important things to make sure that your pet is healthy and safe at all times. Similar to searching for the best pediatrician for your child, you must also locate the best vet for your pet. And when it comes to animal care and relocation, Dubai Kennels & Cattery can be your best option.

About Dubai Kennels & Cattery

Dubai Kennels & Cattery has been caring for all types of pet along with other animals for over 30 years already. The owners as well as current management team have about 70 years of combined animal care, relocations as well as veterinary experience. Their staff are never let loose on their clients, their pets or their business partners until months of customer care, pet care and relocations training have actually been completed. Moreover, their nurses and vets remain in regular professional training so they will continue to develop their qualified expertise. In fact, all of their employees throughout the business undergo continual training. Indeed, employment with them is treated as a very serious professional career choice, not a short-term vacation, stopover job or a pleasant pastime.

The love of animals along with the joy of them is indeed a core function of their work and of the deeper character of the person doing the work. They likewise are very aware that there is a lot more to animals and their boarding, vet care, daycare, and relocations than just loving them.

They are transparent and honest with their clients, even when transparency will put their venture at risk due to a mistake they have committed. They do accept that there are times when they might commit a mistake – they are not perfect; besides, they are still human beings. However, they highly emphasized that they know some stuff and they really try very hard to be very good at it all.

Services They Offer

Global Relocations – They have been providing Global Animal Relocations and Transit Care services in the UAE since the middle of 1980s. In the recent years, they have provided general animal care management at Dubai International Airport for all airlines.

DKC Veterinary Clinic – It is located in Motor City, Dubai. Their managing veterinarian is Dr. Lucinda Nattrass. She specializes in diagnostics, critical care, and internal medicine. You can book an appointment through their website,

Collection & Delivery – They have trained Animal Handlers and that is how will come to you. This further means that the same animal handlers will care for your pet if she or he is boarding or relocating with them, will work with you in their reception and on the phones, and will meet you at your home. This service can be obtained Sunday-Thursday from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. If you want to set-up a schedule for other locations and for all pricing inquiries, just contact them through their contact us page on their website.

Other services they offer will include Boarding & Daycare, Grooming, Pet Enclosures at Home, Pet Food & Accessories, and Business-to-Business Services. 

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