Tuesday, April 28, 2015

EasyAs Driver Training: Queensland’s Top Provider Of Comprehensive Driving Programmes

Leading driving school in Queensland
One of the most stressful and worrisome experiences that all parents will undergo is when their kids turn sixteen and they start voicing out their interest for learning to drive. While parents should be the first persons to teach them to drive, most of them, unfortunately, cannot do so, because of their jobs or other tasks around the house. As such, the task of teaching the teens to drive falls greatly on the instructors of driving schools.

Enrolling Teens At A Driving School

The best way to prepare teens and all novice drivers for all the driving responsibilities once they have their learner’s permits is to enrol them in the right driving school. By doing so, they will learn all the important details about road laws, safety signs and procedures. They will also be able to practice driving, learn the importance roadside courtesies and how to make urgent, emergency decisions. Lastly, they will be imbibed with the know-how to accomplish the various tasks that require both mental and physical skills needed when driving.

reputable driving school in Queensland

EasyAs Driver Training

One of the leading driving schools in Queensland is EasyAs Driver Training. EasyAs Driver Training provides driver training and lessons from Tweed Heads in the South, North to Caboolture, East to Wynnum and West to Ipswich and most suburbs in between.

Their trainers are a mix of young, mature aged, male and female passionate and caring individuals to ensure that they can meet specific requirements or requests.  EasyAs Driver Training is also the leading provider of Keys 2 Drive lessons in Australia.

trusted driving school in Queensland

What Students Can Learn At EasyAs Driver Training

EasyAs Driver Training offers only the most comprehensive and completely structured Driving School Training Programme.  Some of the particular topics or subjects the professional driving school trainers cover include:

Vehicle Operational Skills.
These are the basic skills  all drivers need to know about and gain proficiency in such as how to Take Off, Change Gears, Do a Hill Start, Park the Car, etc.

Road Rule Knowledge. Includes all the rudimentary and important rules all drivers need to know about and follow whenever they are on the road.

Hazard Perception / Identification Skills. EasyAs Driver Training’s proactive curriculum teaches people to take a worst case scenario and factor that into the style of driving they are using.

Accident Prevention Strategies.
The school teaches all students how they can manage any perceived risk, how to modify their driving so that they can control the risk before it happens, not after the event starts.

To know more about EasyAs Driver Training and the programmes they offer, visit www.easyasdta.com.au.

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