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Gym Pros: The Leading Supplier Of High Quality Stair Climber Exercise Equipment

reputable online supplier of high quality fitness equipment

Most people today are now choosing to climb the stairs up to go to and from their work or their home instead of taking the elevator. The reason, of course, is quite plain and simple: you burn more calories when you climb the stairs instead of riding the elevator.

Regularly climbing stairs will definitely help you lose weight. When you climb the stairs for just two minutes each day, you will lose one pound over the course of a year. You can also shed more pounds by increasing your climbing.

Aside from being a great calorie-burning workout, climbing stairs will also improve your fitness level and tone up the muscles in your lower body. It is also a great activity that will help strengthen your bones.

Exercise Equipment That Stimulates Stair Climbing

When you want to reap the health benefits of stair climbing, keep in mind that this exercise is about climbing up the stairs, not down it. This is because going down stairs frequently can be very hard on your knees: it can add pressure of about six or seven times your body weight. As such, if you have bad knees, you should not climb down the stairs regularly and instead take the elevator down.

To experience the health benefits of stair climbing without hurting yourself, fitness experts recommends the use of a stair climbing exercise equipment.  This type of fitness equipment simulates climbing the stairs, and not going down it, so you get a great workout with minimal impact on your knees. 

leading online supplier of high quality fitness equipment

Most Popular Brands And Models Of Stair Climbers

There are various brands and models of stair climber exercise equipment. The most popular ones include the following:


• Stairmaster 4400PT
• Stairmaster 7000pt
• Stairmaster Stepmill 5
• Stairmaster 4600PT/CL
• Stairmaster SM916 Stepmill

Life Fitness

• Life Fitness 9500 Next Gen Stepper
• Life Fitness Lifestep 95Se  Stepper


• Precor C776I Stepper

Star Trac

• Star Trac Pro Stepper

trusted online supplier of high quality fitness equipment

Where To Get Your Star Climber Fitness Equipment

Xceleration Fitness and Gym Pros was established in 2003. Since then, they have been selling high quality fitness equipment in Southern California and all over the USA.

The company carries only the highest quality fitness equipment. They sell to consumers who intend to use the equipment in their homes and to gyms, trainers, hotels, and schools who want to use them in a commercial setting.

Xceleration Fitness and Gym Pros’ corporate headquarters is located at the Riverside County, California. The company has warehouse facilities which can be found across the Continental USA.

You can learn more about the different brands and models of stair climbers and conveniently purchase one online on

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