Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Al Ghassan Motors Website – Explore The Range Of Infiniti Vehicles In KSA

One of the car brands you can trust these days is Infiniti. This brand which launched its very first car in 1989 is proving itself competitive to match the popularity of other auto makers in the market. Infiniti is a consistent high performer and it already has a staggering following.


This review explores the range of Infiniti vehicles at www.infiniti-alghassan.com as well as the story behind the interesting naming structure. Expecting this brand to elevate itself to the highest echelon, here are some of the information you need to know.

Infiniti Vehicle Naming Structure

Resulting from their extensive research with customers, retailers and business partners, the company changed their naming structure. They believe that this change makes their line-up clearer and easy to understand at the same time allows them greater flexibility in expanding their range of vehicle models.

Starting from their 2014 models, you will see that Infiniti sedans, coupes and convertibles are prefixed by Q. Crossover and SUV models on the other hand has the prefix QX. The letter 'Q' is used to pay tribute to the Q45, the very first Infiniti car. Following these prefixes are double digits which identify individual models in order of pricing structure.

Exploring The Infiniti Range

Designed to accommodate the style preference and functional requirements of customers, Infiniti vehicles come in a diverse range. Below is your guide in finding a specific vehicle that you can be happy driving about.

Infiniti Sedans And Coupes

As mentioned earlier, these are the Q models. These cars come in classic hues and have features that will ensure your pleasant driving experience. Your choices are:
  • Infiniti Q50
  • Infiniti Q60 Coupe
  • Infiniti Q60 convertible
  • Infiniti Q70

Infiniti Crossovers And SUVs

Prefixed with QX, these vehicles are equipped with advanced durability and safety features suitable to meet the unique demands of travelling to off-road destinations, bigger groups riding, or carrying heavy cargo. The range includes:
  • Infiniti QX50
  • Infiniti QX60
  • Infiniti QX70
  • Infiniti QX80

Infiniti Hybrids

You have the Q50S Hybrid. It looks like a luxury car and runs extremely well. Save more on fuel and have confidence in driving with the visionary technology on this model.

Where to Get Your Infiniti Vehicles In KSA

Al Ghassan Motors has also been appointed as an authorised dealer for Infiniti vehicles in the Kingdom. To deliver to the Infiniti promise of a “Total Ownership Experience” for its customers, the company is building and opening contemporary centers and modern, well-equipped service centres. Al Ghassan Motors website, http://www.infiniti-alghassan.com is a good place to start your journey to owning Infiniti cars. Visit the page and check the Infiniti future vehicles.

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