Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Messina Lawn Care: Your Complete Provider Of Lawn Care And Pest Control Services

leading lawn care specialists in PA

All residents of Pennsylvania want to take pride in their lush, beautiful and lovely lawns. A lot of the properties located here have seriously expansive gardens and magnificent lawn turf. Most property owners here seem to spare no cent in making sure that their lawns appear as striking and perfect as they possibly can.

Landscaping is also part and parcel of nearly all the lawns here. Generally, property owners are just not satisfied with having a well-trimmed lawn and some flowers, plants and trees growing around their front and backyard.

Because of the considerable time and effort that property owners are faced with in terms of yard care, maintenance and improvement, it would definitely be a cost effective option to get help from professional lawn care contractors. Fortunately, Pennsylvania does not lack for any trusted and complete providers of specialized services in lawn care and maintenance and landscaping.

trusted lawn care specialists in PA

About Messina Lawn Care
Messina Lawn care was established by Mark Messina in 1999. The company is locally and family owned and operated and as such, does not make blatant promises and fails to deliver. 

The firm boasts of only the best licensed specialists in lawn maintenance and landscaping. The company also uses only the most environmentally-safe products in all the services they provide.

Messina Lawn Care offers services that come with risk-free guarantees. This means that if a customer is not happy with the services the firm provided, they will do the whole work again for free. And if the result still does not satisfy the customer, the latter will not have to pay anything for the services provided.

Messina Lawn Care offers their services to the Doylestown, Lansdale, Warminster, Ambler, Newtown and Horsham areas. Their main office is located at Jasper Drive, Ambler, PA.    
leading lawn care specialists in PA

The Company’s Services

The following are the specialized services offered by Messina Lawn Care:

Lawn care services

• Organic-based lawn care
• Lawn fertilization services
• Tree and shrub health care
• Lawn renovation and repair
• Seeding and overseeding
• Lawn aeration services

Pest control services

• Organic flea and tick control
• Organic mosquito control

To learn more about these lawn care, tree and shrub health care and pest control services, go to www.messinalawn.com.

Messina Lawn Care’s Website

The website of Messina Lawn Care looks very tidy and clean. It is easy to navigate and you will easily find all the information you are looking for about the company and their services here. It also loads quickly and this feature helps greatly in making the site easier to use.

There are various online forms on the site that you can complete and submit to get more details about any particular service you are interested in. Overall, it is a complete and great website to visit if you want to start getting help with maintaining and improving your lawn in PA.

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