Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Durrantortho: Auckland’s Best Orthopaedics

Strenuous tasks at home and at work and physical activities can drain your energy. These tasks can also strain your bones and muscles. However, these tasks must be accomplished in order to improve your lifestyle.

Unfortunately, too much stress and work can affect your performance and even worse, result in dreadful injuries to almost any part of the body from your hand, elbow, wrist and shoulders. When experiencing injuries in these parts, it is best to visit an expert who can help you like Durrantortho.

The brain behind Durrantortho

Durrantortho offers both surgical and non-surgical treatments for all shoulder, elbow and hand conditions owned by Mr. Adam Durrant, a New Zealand trained orthopaedic surgeon. Adam Durrant graduated from Otago Medical School and the New Zealand Orthopaedic Association’s advanced surgical training program. He was also admitted as a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons in 2009.

Adam Durrant also spent two years completing further subspecialist training in hand and upper limb surgery in New Zealand, Australia and North America. During this time, Adam worked at the Royal Adelaide and Modbury Hospitals in Australia and the renowned PanAm Sports Clinic and Concordia Hospitals in Canada in which he improved his skills in hand and upper limb surgery. Adam was privileged to be involved in ground breaking research into the micro anatomy of the distal radius, as well as studies investigating the bony morphology of the shoulder joint.

Services offered at Durrantortho

As of now, patients can see Adam Durrant in either his rooms at Ascot Park, or at his peripheral clinics in Massey, Red Beach or the Auckland CBD. Adam also offers surgical services at Brightside and Ascot Hospitals. He also offers services like:

Shoulder surgery – Durrantortho offers a range of surgical options and will ensure that the best decision is made for you and your condition. Before the operation, Mr. Durrant will discuss the various treatment options with you and establish the best one suited to your injury or condition. Mr. Durrant will also ensure you are fully informed of the process and what is involved. And, you will take part in the decision making process.

Elbow surgeries – These surgeries can cater to the repairs of sports-related injuries to the elbow and overuse, traumatic and degenerative conditions such as arthritis. Mr. Durrant operates with both arthroscopic (minimally-invasive keyhole surgery) and open surgical procedures depending on the nature of the injury.

Hand and Wrist Surgery - Wrist surgery is the third most common joint to be arthroscopically operated on, behind knee and shoulder surgeries. The benefits of this type of surgery for the patient include minimal post-operative pain, quicker recovery time, less chance of post-operative complications, and very little scarring.

Why choose Durrantortho?

•    Mr. Durrant assists all his patients with the necessary information they need, in addition to offering a wide array of resources. This allows patient experience to be an organised, informative and seamless process.
•    Mr Durrant works with both ACC and private medical insurance clients. Please view the Payment Options page to view your options.
•    For international patients Mr Durrant works with Nazadel, specialists in international medical travel and treatment.

In case you want to know more about Durrantortho, you can visit them at to get rid of injuries and make your lifestyle better. 

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