Thursday, May 14, 2015

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If you are one of those inquiring on how to find investors in Dubai because you are currently residing in Dubai and you would like to take advantage of the country’s robust economy, you might want to take a look at If you are a relatively new investor, you will find it hard to compete with other investors out in the field and there is really a huge crowd of investors in Dubai. This is especially true if you are a small or medium sized company planning to grow your capital stock through investment. In Dubai, the established businesses have built names, reputations, and the business itself. It can be particularly difficult for small and medium enterprises to play in the investment market alongside such companies.

A League of Extraordinary Investment Men

<Eureeca team

The company is managed by a group of men who are investment successes in their own right. They have both the experience and the knowledge that can help an investor grow and make it big in the market. Each one of these men has impressive qualifications with years of experiences working with different companies in different parts of the world, an indication that their knowledge is not concentrated in a particular economic market only. Meaning, these men have gained a lot of knowledge which can be used developing the best investment platform.

First Global Investing Marketplace

the process

The company introduces itself as the first global investing marketplace. They have explained this perfectly through an easy-to-grasp info-graphic in their site. It starts simply with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) seeking funding from the crowd in exchange for equity. The process goes on to a business applying to get its funding proposal listed in until such time that the funding target is met, effectively making the crowd of investors key players and contributors in the SME’s success.

Investor-Friendly Site


The company maintains an investor-friendly site complete with useful blog posts, forums, a list of its franchise and partners, as well as a way of easily searching for funding proposals. If an investor has questions about the crowd invest platform or any other question regarding investing, such investor can navigate to the Frequently Asked Questions page or directly contact the company through email or by paying them a visit at their office. Arguably, the ultimate goal of the company in developing its system of investment is to encourage mutual support among businesses and enterprises in order to create jobs and a healthy economy. 

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