Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Achieving Daily Fitness Goals With 180 Nutrition

A few years ago, fitness trainer Guy Lawrence discovered that the infamous food pyramid is not as awesome as it was promoted to be. He then conducted his own research which eventually led him to discover a small charity encouraging the use of a combination of nutrition and exercise as therapy for people suffering from chronic diseases. He was amazed with the results. His fascination with the results led him and other colleagues to put up 180 Nutrition. The company’s mission is to provide a selection of superfood products that are as reliable as they are beneficial to one’s health.

Diet Food Should Never Be Boring

Sometimes, what holds back a person from pursuing proper diet is due to the blandness and unappetizing food that most diet plans promote. Fortunately, the company does not only promote superfoods but also provides recipes that may be tried by people on diet in order for them to have more interesting and appetizing foods to consume. Their recipes are founded on the principle that food is medicine and that good food has the power to heal and nourish. The recipes are posted on their website.

Get Fitter Every Day

Fitness should be a daily goal. Hence, 180 Nutrition has created products that can be included in a healthy eating plan for achieving fitness goals. Their products are enriched with fibre, good fats, and protein that help in eliminating bad food, trimming down or recovering after exercise, whichever is the preference. Their products include 180 Protein Superfoods, 180 Protein Bars, and Monkey Bites Kids Snacks. These products are as interesting as they are nutritious and are packed in a convenient way for people who are on-the-go. Their superfoods are also available in its original and vegan version. The original version is composed of grass fed whey protein while their vegan version is of pea protein isolate. Find out more about their products here.

Well-Informed Diet Plan

Creating a diet plan can sometimes be very difficult. It is, however, important that a person creating or even following a prescribed diet plan should be armed with information. On their website, 180 Nutrition has made it a point to publish informative articles on their blogs, post informative videos on their podcasts, as well as post Frequently Asked Questions as reference for people who have similar questions as others.

They can be contacted to help clients find a stockist nearest to their location, for other questions that cannot be found on their FAQ, to inquire about an order, for overseas clients to place an order, to inquire about being a wholesaler, to inquire about being an affiliate, and such other enquiries that clients may have. 

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