Sunday, June 21, 2015

BPI Gold Coast South – Ensuring That You Get The Most Out Of Your Property Investment

They provide high quality building and pest inspection reports that you can surely understand. Also, they can greatly help in terms of making an informed and confident decision if you are going to buy a property. No wonder, more and more people are considering of working with BPI Gold Coast South.

About BPI Building And Pest Inspections Gold Coast South

BPI Gold Coast South has been in the industry for 5 years already. They have been providing quality reports for both property sellers and buyers wanting to know the real condition of their biggest asset which is their home. They are a local business backed by BPI Australia. Indeed, they are among the fastest growing Building and Pest Inspection Company in Australia nowadays.

More and more people are considering of working with them because of the fact that they provide an outstanding quality service and product to each client in the home of gaining more loyal customer and referrals. They specialize in combined pre-purchase and pre-sale building and timber pest inspections and pool safety inspections. Also, they make use of only the latest thermal image technology every time they conduct an inspection to guarantee a thorough inspection service.

Detailed reports will be provided less than 24 hours after the inspection. You must know that the reports they provide are very easy to read and understand. It actually includes clear images along with recommendations on issues found at the property. All of their inspection service is done by one inspector – David Ryan.

About David Ryan

He is the owner and director of BPI Gold Coast South. He has been in the industry for more than 15 years. He is a fully licensed pest technician, pool safety inspector, builder, carpenter, and building inspector.

Because of his diverse construction, building, and inspection experience, you are guaranteed that David will thoroughly inspect your property and provide you with an in-depth inspection report for you to have a peace of mind with regard to your property purchase.

Inspections They Conduct

Building Inspection – They give attention to detail and thoroughness. This service will be done rigorously with an aim of identifying as well as reporting relevant defects in the how you want to sell or buy.

Pest Inspection – BPI include thermal imaging as part of their inspection services. Thermal imaging will make use of infrared technology in order to determine any infestation. Before buying a property, it is very crucial to get a pest inspection in order to save yourself from future expenses and troubles. BPI also arranges a pest spray treatment in order to prevent any damage to occur later on.

Pool Inspection – They conduct comprehensive pre-purchase swimming pool inspections and reports.

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