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SEDAR: The Complete Boutique Shop For All Your Home Furnishing And Accessory Needs

leading home furnishing and accessories store in the UAE

Having a home that you can really be proud of starts with having the best furnishings, features and accessories. There are a lot of home furnishing products which are stylish and multifunctional you can invest in. It can be quite a delightful, unique and exciting challenge identifying which of these you can work into the design and purpose you have for the spaces you have at home.

Finding the best home furnishings and accessories starts with looking for the right supplier of these world class products. In general, you will be sure to get such items from shops or distributors that have long been recognised and trusted as the leaders in this market.
the most complete home furnishing and accessories store in the UAE

Residential and even commercial property owners can get their fill of all the high quality home furnishings and accessories they need from SEDAR.

SEDAR was established in 1975. Since then, it has been the leading brand in the world of blinds, curtains, folding doors, false ceilings, and awnings. SEDAR opened its first branch in the UAE in 1979.

SEDAR is an ISO9001 certified company. As such, they strictly adhere to internationally quality standards. The company delivers only high quality, superb service and competitive prices.

The company has showrooms across the UAE, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman.

SEDAR’s head office in the UAE is located on the BMW Road in Sharjah. They have 9 stores across the UAE alone.
trusted home furnishing and accessories store in the UAE

SEDAR’s Products

The company offers a broad range of products that include Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, Roman blinds, wooden blinds, fabric curtains, awnings, false ceilings, and folding doors. They import raw materials from only the best factories around the world. SEDAR also ensures that all their products are eco-friendly without producing hazardous substances during the manufacturing process. SEDAR’s products come in aluminium, wood, bamboo, sunscreen and a wide range of fabrics which can accommodate any space and design.

Their products include:


- Stage drapes
- Trevira CS Bioactive
- Swarovski-encrusted drapes


- Roman blinds
- Venetian blinds
- Zoom dimout fabrics
- Pleated blinds
- Sunscreen
- Wooden Venetian blinds

Wall coverings

- Health wall coverings
- Milano photo murals
- Non-woven wall coverings

- Gatherings
- Tiebacks
- Mirror frames
- Joiners
- Trimmings



Folding doors

Carried Brands

SEDAR carries only the most trusted and globally recognised brands. These include:

• Amazona
• Antartica
• DenHaag
• Eco Safari
• Fujikawa
• Marco Polo
• Marina
• Somfy
• Swarovski
• YorkWeave

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