Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ensuring Good Properties To Buy Through BPI Building And Pest Inspections

Damages and pests are two of most common problems you will encounter when buying a property hence it is crucial to have the professionals inspect the property before signing any deed of sale. This is what BPI Building and Pest Inspections does. They are created to help buyers decide on which property to buy through producing concise and user-friendly reports. Their mission is to perform high quality pre-purchase, pre-sale building reports, and timber pest inspections. Because they are dedicated to educate you and all the customers that need their service, they have established their website

What you can expect from

Aside from the fast page load time, their website is a mine filled of information about building and pest inspections. At the top right corner of the page, you will see their 1-800 numbers for QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, WA areas, a clear indication that they can be easily reached whenever you need them. They also have an easier search option for you to find what you are looking for instantly. It does not also take some time for the search option to find the information you are searching for. Also, if you need a quote on how much you should expect to pay for the cost of their service, you can simply fill in the information at the left corner of the page titled Online Quote Request. Just provide your details and they will get back to you as soon as possible. To know more, you can visit the site.

What kind of inspections can you expect from BPI

Through its 17 years in the industry, it has evolved and the various inspection services that they offer can attest to that. Some of the inspection services they offer are listed below.

1. Building Inspections. This inspection will help any buyer determine the condition of the property and compare it with other properties that are of the same age and construction. The inspection will cover areas such as the interior, subfloor, roof void, roof exterior, exterior, and the site.

2. Pest Inspections. Did you know that termites attack 1 in every 5 Australian homes thus it is important for any house to undergo this kind of inspection. This inspection will help determine the presence of termites, borers, and wood decaying fungi through the use of thermal camera technology as well as Australian Standard 4349.3- 1998 and AS 3660 Inspection guidelines.

3. Builders Warranty Inspections. This inspection focuses on uncompleted defects identified during the original handover inspection and reports any additional defects that have occurred since completion of the dwelling.

Other inspections offered by BPIC are special purpose inspections, pool safety inspections, asbestos inspections, and mould inspections. To know the coverage of these inspections, check out the site.

How To Contact BPI

To contact BPI, you can check out the different locations near you through the website. You can also send them an email or fill out the information asked under the Contact BPI section.

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