Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hennessey L.L.C – The Best General Contracting Company In Dubai And Abu Dhabi

Constructing a new building will involve a lot of risks and tasks. Of course, you would want it to be very functional, sturdy, and safe. Thus, you must hire the right construction company to put up your desired structure. Hennessey L.L.C can be of great help.

About Hennessey L.L.C

Hennessey L.L.C was founded in 1997 by Des Hennessey, who spent over 3 decades working in the construction industry. This is a general contracting company that is based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi comprising of Interiors and Joinery, Construction, Landscaping and Pool Divisions. It’s ability is indeed showcased by the wide range of works that they have completed for their clients, both commercial and residential.

For commercial clients, know that they have already worked in different sectors. These include education, residential, sports and leisure, industrial, commercial offices, healthcare, and hospitality. They are very glad to have been involved in lots of landmark projects that have helped to shape Dubai over the years.

For residential clients, the company provides a wide range of services. They actually operate as a one-stop-shop since they offer bathroom, kitchen and other home interior fit-outs along with the installation of bespoke joinery both in your garden and home. Apart from that, they also provide swimming pool and landscaping services. They indeed offer you the chance of dealing with a single company instead of many various companies in terms of improving the appeal and value of your home.

Detailed Description Of Their Divisions

Construction – They offer as well as undertake “Design & Build” with some of their clients requiring a fast track process. Thus, this allows their works to start sooner than a traditional method of designing, tending and awarding contracts. They work with experienced and recognized consultants in order to develop the client’s design in line with a value engineering process. This indeed ensures that the outcome will meet the highest quality standards and the specific requirements of the clients.

Interiors – They offer an interior design facility using an artist impression of the concept design according to the client’s requirement and ideas. Services they offer under this division will help clients to visualize how their project will look once it is finished.

Pools & Landscaping – They are known to create unique and elegant pools, gazebos, pergolas, water features, Jacuzzis, shades, decking, and landscaped gardening.

Joinery – This division will supplement the construction and interior fit-out departments by offering purpose made timber products in different high class finishes. Samples of laquer and painted finishes of various types of timber products are actually created by their experienced spray painting team for approvals by their clients before they start working on it.

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