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The Benefits Of Importing Vehicles From Japan With The Help Of TS-EXPORT

leading exporting company in Japan

Trucks, heavy equipment, cars and motor bikes. These are just some of the types of vehicles that can be pretty expensive but are necessary and indispensible for your business or even your daily routines.

There are various ways for you to get the vehicle you need. You can invest in new one from direct suppliers. You can also choose to get pre-owned ones as well if you are on a tight budget or want to save some money.  However, these options won’t make the best ones if you need more than a couple or if you require a fleet of vehicles for your business.

If you need a large number of vehicles or equipment for business purposes, you can choose to have them imported from Japan.

Getting Help With The Whole Importing Process

Importing vehicles from Japan though is not a simple or easy process. As such, for this endeavour, it would be best to get help from an exporting company.

The exporter will handle all the export related issues, sourcing the vehicle, doing the export documentation and getting it on a ship from Japan to be delivered to you. First-time importers are recommended to work with an exporter that specialises in Business to Business (B2B) services rather than one that is known for their Business to Consumer (B2C) specialisation.
One of the most renowned B2B exporting companies based in Japan is TS-EXPORT. This company was founded in 1983. TS – EXPORT has been one of the industry leaders in the export and importing industry for more than 30 years now. 
trusted exporting company in Japan

The Remarkable Advantages Of Working With TS-EXPORT
As one of the leading B2B export companies in Japan, TS-Export offers a lot of benefits that come with their services. These include:

• You get more and better options for choosing the best stocks, shipping and banking alternatives.
• You get easy and convenient access to various online listings, extended hours and your personal trading account and client portal.
• You enjoy a “Pay As You Go” option.
• You have access to 5 exclusive systems which only TS-EXPORT offers.
• They offer lower costs and verifiable pricing.
• TS-EXPORT have better facilities, support and services.
• Their services comes with a Condition Guarantee

reputable exporting company in Japan

Vehicles And Other Products Exported By TS-EXPORT

Below are some of the vehicles, machinery and other items you can get imported from Japan with the help of TS-EXPORT:

• Trucks
• Minitrucks
• Cars
• Buses
• Motorbikes
• Motorhomes
• Marine type vehicles (power and sail boats, jet skis, etc.)
• Forklifts
• Heavy machinery (excavators, cranes, wheel loaders, bulldozers, etc.)

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