Thursday, June 18, 2015 - Teaching Life Skills Through Martial Arts

Martial arts teach students a lot of important life skills and lessons – self-control, self-esteem, focus, patience, perseverance, respect, improved physical and social abilities, and more. For kids, curbing aggression perhaps is the most important thing parents would want them to learn. This is best achieved through kid’s martial arts lessons.

In the Australasian region, The WA Institute of Martial Arts is one of the most innovative and professional martial arts school. Their mission is to ignite every student’s confidence in life with life skills learned from martial arts. As such, the school has different programs for both kids and adults learners.

Kids Martial Arts

Because traditional fighting techniques taught in martial arts can control male aggression, martial arts programmes for kids are being used to discourage anti-social behavior and attitudes, and to encourage pro-social ones. The martial arts program of WAIMA can help the child develop the much needed confidence to put them in the right direction. Additionally, you can spare your child of being robbed of a happy and healthy childhood or worst an unsuccessful adult someday by giving them the opportunity to learn how to defend their selves.

Waima’s Ninja Ru Program

Designed to introduce kids between the ages of 3-5 yrs to martial arts, Waima’s Ninja Ru program is a world class program that is fun. Through exciting games and fun challenges, kids will develop not only coordination, balance and vital motor skills but also focus along with respect, listening, concentration, and team work skills.

Muay Thai In Perth

WAIMA also offers Muay Thai program. This encourages you to become the best you mentally and physically. The program gets you in real shape as you increase your core and leg strength, reduce your stress, increase your libido, and other things. For those who wish to become like a real fighter, this program will train you.

Adults Martial Arts

The WA Institute of Martial Arts also has programs for adult learners. Martial arts training enable you to know some self-defense skills to defend you and your family. Aside from that, the training will improve your overall health.

The Website To Learn Martial Arts In Perth

Websites like are recommended for martial arts learners to visit. There are some pointers and tips here that can help you enhance your skill further.  At WAIMA’s website, you can even take advantage of their introductory lesson at no cost. 

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