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Proposal Botique: The Leading Proposal Planners In Dubai

Proposal Botique
After years of joy and struggle with your partner, there comes a time when you need to settle down and live together. Surely, every couple wants to live together in peace and harmony. But before preparing for your wedding day, one of the most anticipated tasks a man needs to do is to get down on his one knee and propose.

Of course, there are numerous ways to propose, but if you intend to make your proposal one of the most memorable events in your life, you need to plan and execute it properly. This plan can be achieved successfully by opting for the services of proposal planners like Proposal Botique.

How Proposal Botique started

Proposal Botique is a company that offers amazing and effective proposal plans. The company is situated in Dubai and is owned by Caroline Garvey. The idea of creating the Proposal Botique started when Tom proposed to Caroline on a 5-day holiday to New York. Because of this, Caroline wants to share her experience to women who want to have a memorable proposal they are dreaming of.

The services of Proposal Botique

Proposal Botique
As of now, Proposal Botique offers numerous proposal services that can cater to your needs. Listed below are some of the following.

Your Personalized Ideas – Arranging a proposal idea can be very difficult since you need to be sure that your plan will be executed properly. With this option, you can enjoy two proposal ideas created by professional planners.

Your Idea Plus Customized Rate – Creating a unique proposal can provide you and your partner one of the best events in your life. By opting for this service, you can prepare your proposal easily since proposal planners can help you book and negotiate with vendors to ensure that you get the best deal for photographers, florists, musicians etc.

Personalized Proposal Packages Plus Customized Rate – To ensure that your proposal will go according to plan, this package can provide you with a dedicated proposal planner from start to finish. You can also have at least two proposal options. And, the planner can incorporate your personal ideas along with unique items.

Pre-planned Proposals – If you want to enjoy an instant proposal idea, individuals can also opt for pre-planned proposals. Proposal Botique offers some of the amazing pre-planned proposals you can choose from like Your Private Yacht and Luxurious Private Desert Proposal.

Proposal Extras – Proposal Botique can also provide you with extra services during your proposal. This is possible since Caroline Garvey has good connections with many vendors in the city, including hotels, restaurants, musicians, bars, photographers and florists.

Proposal Botique
Why opt for Proposal Botique
  • Proposal Botique is an experienced group of planners and know Dubai very well and are constantly updating with local information.
  • Proposal Botique has good relationships with suppliers to ensure you receive the best discounts for your proposal ideas.
  • Proposal Botique has a wide database of trusted contacts that they receive discounts from to make your day even more affordable, including jewellers, photographers and musicians.
In case you want to know more about Proposal Botique, you can visit them at to enjoy the best proposal for your partner.

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