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Various Swimming Pool Options Offered By Absolute-Pools

trusted swimming pool contracting company in Dubai

Swimming pools were considered status symbols before. After all, the construction and maintenance of one can be quite costly and only the rich people can afford to have it in the privacy of their home. The average person or middle-income earner would have to go to a public pool, a hotel or resort if they want to take a dip in the cool and refreshing waters of a swimming pool.

Today though, it is not only the rich and affluent individuals who can afford to have a swimming pool. Due to the decrease in the prices of materials, production and labour costs, the average person also now has the opportunity to have a pool constructed in their property.

Having Your Own Swimming Pool In Dubai

Swimming pools can both be a luxury and necessity in Dubai today. After all, the weather condition in Dubai is hot and humid nearly all-year round. To escape the heat, it would definitely be a plus to have your own swimming pool in your property.

To have your own pool, you need to hire the right contractors in Dubai. The contracting firm should have only the most qualified, experienced, trained and knowledgeable staff who will work on the construction or installation of the swimming pool.

leading swimming pool contracting company in Dubai


One the most trusted and leading contracting companies that specialises in the provision of various pools and water features in Dubai is Absolute-pools.

Absolute-pools was founded by Frank Mason. At present, he is the Managing Director and a member of the Board of the Absolute Group. In Dubai, the chairman of the holding company and of Absolute-pools International LLC is Sultan Al Habtoor, one of the most well respected businessmen in the UAE.

The company is known for their strong retail business installing and servicing private pools for home owners in Dubai’s local market. Absolute-pools have all the necessary skill sets in-house: design, engineering, production, installation and service to ensure professional delivery and performance all the time.

Absolute-pool’s core competency lies in the provision of multiple pools for real estate and resort developments, with both the products and the essential project management experience to deliver on-time, on-budget, and high quality products and services.
reputable swimming pool contracting company in Dubai

Types Or Styles Of Pools Absolute-Pools Specialise In

Absolute-pools specialises in the construction and/or installation of various types of swimming pools. These include:

• Classic
• Roman
• Auto Classic
• Regis
• Venus
• Serenity
• Apollo
• Eclipse

With any type or design of pool you want to have in your property, you will be given the option to have it as a free board or overflow.

Absolute-pools can also design, manufacture and install your dream swimming pool. They also offer several upgrading services and extras such as pool lighting, bubble spa jets, water conditioning and soft spa.

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