Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Review On DrawingMentor.com - Unleashing The Drawing Artist Inside You

Do you know any friends or family who can draw? Drawing is fun as you can bring your imagination to life in a paper. Unfortunately, only few can draw well and teach well. While not all people are gifted with this skill, this can be learned. You can unleash the drawing artist inside you with the right guidance.

On the web, Drawing Mentor is your one-stop destination for drawing tutorials, tips and resources. This resource has been created to help you boost your drawing skills to a new level. Tony, the founder believes that anyone can draw as long as they are shown the basic skills and the best practices of drawing. So grab your pencil and paper, browse the pages and get started with some of the most popular tutorials on DrawingMentor.com.

How To Draw A Snake

This page will teach you how to draw a snake in 2 different tutorials – for beginners and intermediate learners. The first tutorial covers the slithering snake pose illustrated on the site in 6 steps. The second tutorial is a 5-step tutorial of the snake striking. The page also has trivia about snakes. Did you know that there are more than 3,000 species of snakes in the world?

How To Draw A Dinosaur

Learn how to draw two different dinosaur species - T-Rex and Diplodocus. In 6-steps, you will be able to draw the famous T-Rex. In another 6-step tutorial, draw this dinosaur with a long neck and tail. Check interesting trivia about Tyrannosaurus Rex and Diplodocus on the page as well.

How To Draw A Frog

Teach your child how to draw frog in two different poses. This page has a 5-step guide of the frog sitting and a 6-step guide of the frog on a tree branch. You can also read facts about frogs here. Did you know that the average tree frog life-span is 3 years?

Drawing Tutorials

Check other cool things to draw at drawingmentor.com. Learn how to draw a fairy, a steaming train, a plane, Santa and more. These drawing tutorials will build your confidence. Now you can impress your family, friends and even your teachers with your artworks.

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