Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Review On Medical Village

When it comes to health and beauty, people today have access to advanced solutions that do not only provide an effective result but an efficient one as well. Gone are the days when only the elite in the society can afford advanced health and beauty solutions because today, everyone can already take advantage of what new technology has to offer. This is especially true when it comes to dermatology, surgeries, dentistry and other medical technologies.

About Medical Village

Medical Village is an expert clinic providing expert health and beauty solutions. The company has the commitment to make health luxurious yet affordable. Hence, more and more people, especially those in Dubai actually take advantage of the services provided by Medical Village to improved their health and beauty. With the use of new and advanced technology, Medical Village assures their clients of excellent medical services to help them be more confident in facing other people.

Medical Village’s founder, Dr. Hamid Taghaddos has been practicing as a General Surgeon since 1992. He was among the first doctors to introduce laser technology to the UAE in 1996 with Ultra Pulse Laser as his first service using laser tech. Since then, he took courses to further his knowledge about laser technology and has been using this knowledge to provide better medical solutions.

The Services Provided

As of now, there are many different medical services provided by Medical Village. Check them out below:

- PicoSure Solutions. This is a new and advanced technology used by Dr. Taghaddos and is first in the Middle East. This latest global technological Innovation includes tattoo removal, scar treatment, skin revitalization and removal of pigmented lesions.

- Treatments. Medical Village provides expert and effective medical and beauty treatments which includes laser hair removal, laser skin rejuvenation, laser tattoo removal, laser skin tightening, laser skin surgery, laser pigmentation treatment, laser acne treatment and dermatology and skin care.

- Dentistry. Medical Village provides comprehensive range of dental services including cosmetic dental solutions. Using the latest high-tech equipment and tools, Medical Village assures clients and patients of excellent and world-class dental services.

How To Contact Medical Village

If you are interested about the services provided by Medical Village, you can send them a message through their website. Provided in their website are their contact information such as their phone number and physical address. Medical Village is closed on Fridays so you better check out their website to know more about their hours of operation.

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