Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Review On Melodica

For most people, dancing, singing and playing musical instrument is not just a talent. They can actually be learned. One with a talent in dancing, singing and playing any musical instrument can improve well with the help of an expert music and dance school. In Dubai, most locals enroll their kids to music and dance classes not only to enhance their talents and skills but also to learn about discipline and responsibility. Taking such classes is also seen to be very effective in improving the kids’ academic performance in school. And so, more and more parents are now looking into enrolling their kids in one of the classes.

About Melodica

Melodica is a music and dance institute that is very much known in Dubai because of its elite and professional classes. The institute is owned and founded by Afshin and his band called the A-Team. Afshin is a popular pop star and has performed more than 500 concerts with his band worldwide. And so, he and his team, share the passion and all they know about the entertainment business to help young people achieve what they really want in life and to help them become the best that they can be when it comes to music and dancing. With the institute’s head of music department, Tim Sullivan, you can rest assured that what you paid for is totally worth it. Tim is known to be a successful pianist, chamber musician and soloist who has also performed a lot of concerts in New York.

Who Can Take Their Classes

Melodica is an institute that does not only focus on teaching kids to improve their talents and skills. The institute also accepts adults who want to learn more about music, dancing and singing. Melodica offers classes for:

- Children. Melodica has teachers who love to teach your kids who have the passion in music and encourage them to improve.

- Adults. Molodica believes that even adults can learn to love music and actually be good at it.

- Professionals. Melodica offers workshops for professional artists.

Music Classes

Learn to play different musical instruments easily with the help of professional music instructors in Melodica. Check out the following:

- Piano
- Guitars
- Violin
- Vocal
- Keyboard
- Drums
- Saxophone
- Children and music
- Oriental instrument
- Recorder
- Flute

Dance Classes

For those who just love dancing and those who want to learn different dances. Check out what Melodica has for you:

- Kids ballet
- Salsa
- Zumba
- Hiphop
- Belly dance
- Yoga
- Ballroom
- Flamenco

Contact Information

If you are interested in taking music or dance classes, check out Melodica’s website which contains their office address, phone number, email address and their office hours. You can also leave a message through their contact form.

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