Tuesday, January 5, 2016

R&S Reticulation & Lawns – Best Provider Of Professional Reticulation And Lawn Installation Services In Perth

If you have a lawn, it is a must that you regularly, properly, and sufficiently water it so it stays healthy and green. Certainly, this may require a significant amount of your time. But there is actually a good solutions to this – consider installing a reliable reticulation system. R&S Reticulation & Lawns are among the experts.

About R&S Reticulation & Lawns

R&S Reticulation & Lawns is the leading reticulation and lawn installation company today. With more than 12 years of experience in the industry of lawn installation, reticulation installations, and reticulation repairs, expect that you will be receiving the utmost quality service possible. They cover from Victoria Part in the South up to Yanchep in the North, and anywhere in between.

They are a fully insured family owned and operate business. They make use of only the highest of quality products and materials. They give free quotes and personal advice to make sure that your project will be completed as you would imagine it or seen in the brochures.

Be aware that all of their tradesmen are fully insured and trained in their certified fields. This makes sure that customers, like you, will always receive an excellent service.

Their Offered Services

Turf Installation – They provide all your Turf Installation requirements. Professional installation will includes earthworks, levelling and screeding whenever necessary.

Reticulation Installation – Reticulation can be a great time and money saving investment for you. In fact, with a commercially designed and installed reticulation system, you can actually save up to 30% on your water bill as opposed to hand watering on nightly bases during summer. Reticulation systems are installed in 2 ways – off your property mains water using a cut in or off your traditional garden hose. The mains water method is considered more efficient since it has almost double the pressure as too what you would have received from a garden tap. The second method is ideal for watering a small area, such as a small lawn and garden bed on your property.

Lawn Installation – They have been providing lawn installation for more than 10 years already. They offer a wide range of all the most popular turfs like Winter Green Couch, Queensland Blue, Buffalo Varieties, and Empire Zoysia. All of their new turf installations come with Soil Conditioner, Professional Installation, Dynamic Lifter, Amgrow Wetter Soil, and Baileys 3-1-1 Fertilizer. They also offer earthworks or removal of current lawns along with Leveling and Screeding to make sure that you will have lush beautiful lawns for decades to come.

Consider browsing their website, www.reticulationrepairsperth.com.au, for other services that they offer along with handy tips and hints that arise in the industry.

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