Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Review On Mind Coaching Australia

Every person has different goals in life. And to achieve these goals, you must also achieve your best potential through mental strength and emotional resilience. These things may be hard to develop especially if you are surrounded with a lot of negative people and if you are always in a negative situation. However, all these can be overcome with the help of a mind coach.

About Mind Coaching Australia 

Mind Coaching Australia is actually a center that helps people become the best of themselves. They uphold the values of courage, authenticity, integrity and compassion. The principal founder of Mind Coaching Australia, Judith Lissing, is more than willing to help people reach their goals through changing their mindset into a more positive outlook in life. Judith Lissing is a psychotherapist, a wellness coach and a mindfulness trainer. With her master’s degree in Public Health and her over 15 years of experience in stress management and meditation, she has developed a primary prevention program for youth suicide which is based on the development of positive self-concept and resilience.

Professional Memberships

Getting mindfulness coaching and training with Mind Coaching Australia is really an advantage especially because the center is a proud member of the following professional associations:

- Public Health Association of Australia
- International Positive Psychology Association
- International Coaches Federation
- Australian Society for Clinical Hypnotherapists
- Australian Association of Buddhist Counsellors & Psychotherapists

The Services Mind Coaching Australia Provides

You can choose from the range of services offered by Mind Coaching Australia to suit your lifestyle, schedule and individual goals. Check out the following:

- Individual. This includes work-life balance training, positivity coaching, health and wellness coaching and emotional resilience coaching.

- Group. This includes mindfulness courses, group meditation and mindfulness retreats.

- Corporate. This includes MBSP, miLB life balance coaching and executive coaching.

Contact Information

If you need to know more about Mind Coaching Australia and the services they offer, you can check out their website which contains all the important information you need such as their office address, phone number, email and Skype. You can also use their contact form to leave a message.

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