Friday, February 26, 2016

A Short Review About AlNowais Investments

When it comes to increasing your finances or growing your wealth, one of the very effective ways that a lot of successful businessmen say is investing. There are actually a lot of different types of investment. And so, if you are willing to invest, make sure that you know how that particular type of invest works. One way to help you with your investment decisions is by seeking help from an investment company like AlNowais Investments

About AlNowais Investments

AlNowais Investments is one of the most trusted investment companies that is based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It owns and controls many different subsidiary companies. The company is actually founded in the late 1970’s and owned by the AlNowais family. Over the years, the company has grown and expanded and has even earned the reputation of being one of the trusted investment name in the MENA Region. They operated in different vital sectors. and make strategic principal investments in businesses in some industries which show exceptional potential for growth and expansion.

The Segments

AlNowais Investments is comprised of three segments which investors can choose. These are the following:

- Core Businesses. They own, manage, and control a variety of different operating companies in the Engineering, Building Materials, Hospitality, Contracting, Information and Communication Technology, Real Estate, and Healthcare sectors.

- Principal Investments. The company also makes strategic principal investments in businesses in some industries that show potential expansion and growth.

- Project Development. Working leading players in various industries to originate, develop, and implement large-scale projects, AlNowais Investments can certainly help you with your investment plans.

The Sectors

AlNowais Investments control the interest of leading companies around the Middle East, which range across a broad spectrum of endeavours. All these companies have the same goal to become the market leaders in their particular fields. Their sectors include:

- Oil and gas petrochemicals
- Energy
- Engineering and construction
- Real estate and hospitality
- Healthcare
- Information, communication and technology

Contact Information

If you are interested in making a smart investment to grow your wealth, check out AlNowais Investments website which has their contact information so you can start planning which type of company to invest in.

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