Thursday, February 18, 2016

MyGiftCardSupply – Your Instant Access To Gift Cards Online

Having an access to digital content like movies, TV shows, and music will enhance people’s lives and experience. Thus, MyGiftCardSupply began in 2012 to make it a lot easier for people to have an instant access to gift cards, and most importantly, to avoid the risk of buying from someone without a name on websites such as eBay.

About MyGiftCardSupply

MyGiftCardSupply is a 100% secure online source for gift cards. All of the gift cards they offer are purchased from trusted gift card suppliers and retail stores in the United States. They guarantee that you will get the gift card code you ordered, delivered through email so you can buy the digital entertainment you are looking for. They actually have over 6,392 satisfied clietns from Singapore to Australia to the UK who buy PSN Cards, US Xbox, and iTunes gift cards online on a regular basis.

They are a team of people working worldwide, from within the US, Bangladesh, and Spain. They are indeed motivated by the idea of delivering a service to customers all around the world that can enrich their lives. Moreover, they take customer service seriously. The constantly work to enhance their website, make browsing a lot easier, make the transaction faster, and to make card delivery quicker so you can instantly have access to the entertainment you want.

How It Works

First, you must select the gift card you want. Be aware that all the gift cards they offer are email delivered. In case you cannot see the gift car you want, just send them a message and they will see what they can do about adding it to their website.

Second, complete your purchase by adding the item to card and proceeding to checkout. To take advantage of their rewards program and to get discounts, consider registering an account. If not, you can check out as a guest, but still, you will need to provide them your email and address for billing and email delivery.

Lastly, check your email. After completing your purchase, their team will work right away to process your order. Orders, most especially for existing clients, will be delivered in a couple of minutes. For first time customers, it might take up to a few hours because the team will need to review your order first.

Wholesale iTunes Gift Cards

They can also among the most reputable wholesale iTunes gift card suppliers in the US. All of their wholesale orders are usually completed within 24-hours of receiving payment. They will be delivering your orders as high resolution scanned images in TIFF, PDF, GIF or JPEG format. In case you have special needs or requests, they can work to accommodate those. Extra costs are charged for typed codes.

Since most wholesale iTunes gift card orders are high in volume, payments will be sent through a secure method – bank wire, Western Union, PayPal Mass Payment, or BitCoin. Take note that their wholesale prices will vary by quantity. Of course, the larger the order, the better discounts you’ll receive. For more information, check out now.

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