Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Smart Track Australia – The Specialists When It Comes To Heavy-Duty Access Solutions

You would certainly not want to damage your well-manicured lawn just for an outdoor event. With heavy foot traffic, surely you will have an ugly turf after the event. Construction companies, on the other hand, will have a hard time working on a construction project if they cannot bring their construction vehicles with them at the construction site just because the road is slippery and muddy. But with the heavy-duty access solutions from Smart Track Australia, these issues can be dealt with properly.

About Smart Track Australia

Smart Track Australia is a division of No Fuss Event Hire that specializes in heavy-duty access solutions. They have products which are very suitable for almost anything on tracks. Also, they can be laid over almost any surface.

Apart from that, these products can be used anywhere – from construction sites to mining sites to major event infrastructure. They also offer temporary flooring products that can provide turf protection to the highest standards.

Smart Track Australia prides itself to be among the best companies that offer a solution to almost any access problem or ground condition that must be dealt with.

Products They Offer

I-Trac – This is a heavy-duty product used over any surface. Since the sections can join together in order to form one large mass, the length, width, and size of the application are unlimited. Within minutes, it provides a slip resistant surface. It is considered the solution to exploration, military, construction, and any land access problem area.

Supa-Trac – This is a sturdy pedestrian product. The finished size is also unlimited as the sections can be joined in whatever direction you want. It can also be used for car parks, creating hardstand areas, light duty roads, and for protecting turf. It is ideal in temporary villages or wherever vehicle access or pedestrian is necessary but for a short period of time only.

Supamats – When rapid access is necessary for all types of machinery, this 2.4x1.2m mat is the best solution. It can easily be laid under the proposed track and then removed if the project is complete. This option allows for a cost-efficient roadway for speedy applications. It is widely used in exploration and construction industries.

Hezapro – This is a German engineered products used as temporary roads and a hardstand for several years already. Every section will cover an approximated quarter of a square meter. It can easily be installed. It has been used in television location shoots, telecom tower construction, and temporary warehousing.

No Fuss Floor – This is a roll out pedestrian floor capable of contouring any surface. Though each section is small, they can actually be assembled so you can get an unlimited size. This is only suitable for pedestrians.

Plastorip – This is a flooring solution is ideal for promotional events, corporate presentations, awards ceremonies, exhibitions, and pedestrian walkways. It is an excellent turf protection but must be laid on flat even or hard lever surface only. For places where a first class presentation is required, this is considered the best flooring solution.

When it comes to flooring solutions, Smart Track Australia proves to be among the experts you can trust. For more info, check out

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