Wednesday, February 3, 2016

PuppyWire – Your Great Online Resource For Owning A Dog

Owning a dog is not easy since there are responsibilities attached to it. Of course, you need to know how to properly take good care of such pet. With lots of information found online, you certainly can find some great info on how to do such. Among the best online resources when it comes to dogs is PuppyWire.

About PuppyWire

Puppy Wire offers great advice for all dog parents. provides all the information you will need in making sure that your dog will be healthy and happy at all times. Below are some of the categories and other info you can find on their website.


Behaviour – There are instances wherein you might not understand what your dog is doing or what he is trying to say to you. Some of the topics discussed under this category include knowing how to stop your dog from barking at everything and to introduce your pet to a new baby, tips to help your dog adjust during a move, the consequences of letting your dog sleep with you at night, and facts about dog jealousy.

Dog Breeds – Of course you know that dogs have different breeds. What do you have at home? Do you know what exactly his needs are? How is he different from other breeds? Well, this category shares facts about different breeds of dogs – these include German Shepherd, Boston Terrier, Dalmatian, Saluki, Shetland Sheepdog, Boxer, American Pit Bull Terrier, English Bulldog, Shih Tzu, Labrador, Beagle, and Chihuahua. Apart from that, details about the best dog breeds for kids and the 5 easily trainable dog breeds can also be found under this category.

Dog Care – This is a broad category which tackles information on how to keep your dog happy and healthy. Some of the topics discussed include the super foods for your dogs, finding the best food for your small breeds, how to fight bad dog breath, tips for preparing your dog for a surgery, and the indoor activities for your pet during winter. Moreover, you can also learn some money-saving tips on dog care. You can also read about the LEGS Study: Do Glucosamine and Chondroitin Show Promise for Pain?

Training – There are many benefits of properly training your dog. Thus, you must know some facts about how to properly train him. Some of the topics you can learn under this category are how to train your dog using treats, how to teach him to use dog potty training bell, different types of dog training toys, popular dog training devices, and the pros and cons of utilizing dog whistles for training. Most importantly, you will learn how to train your pet to behave if you have guests.

Aside from these categories, the site also shared some buying guides for Glucosamine, Probiotics, Fish Oil, and Dog Training Collars. 

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