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The Mathnasium Method: A Reliable Learning System For Kids In Dubai

leading math tutorial centre in Dubai

At one point or another, parents will hear from teacher and even from their kids themselves that they are having difficulties with a certain subject. And more often than not, math is one of the subjects that kids will struggle with and have low or simply passing grades.

Encouraging kids to work harder and do well can help them stay motivated. You can also try tutoring them at home so that they can better understand apply their lessons, even if they are not in the classroom. However, sometimes, these tips can only take you and your struggling child so far. There are times that you will have to bring in the artillery. And this means having your child tutored.

Math Tutorial Center For Kids

If you want to get the best results from the tutorial lessons you will invest in your child, you can consider taking him or her to a learning center. They have a more formal setting that is more conducive for learning. In such tutorial centers, they can also participate in more activities and socialize and interact with other kids.

trusted math tutorial centre in Dubai

A Trusted Math Tutorial Center In Dubai

In Dubai, one of the leading and highly-regarded math tutorial centers is Mathnasium.

Mathnasium is one of the leading proponents of Number Sense: a concept that highlights the importance of having a deep understanding and lifelong love of mathematics in children while building their confidence as well.

This tutorial center boasts of a qualified and certified team to help all students. Their teachers hold a master’s degree (most of them in Math) and have several years of teaching experience in both schools and private tuition. All their teachers are also fully trained by Mathnasium, and certified by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

Mathnasium’s main thrust is to significantly increase a child’s math skills and overall school performance, while building their confidence and forging a positive attitude toward math. They aim to achieve this by creating a bespoke learning program for your child filled with illustrations and puzzles that help map the way towards a deeper understanding of math. Consequently, problem solving becomes second nature to children and unlocks a treasure of fun while they are learning math.

reliable math tutorial centre in Dubai

The Mathnasium Method

The Mathnasium learning center follows the innovative method established by Larry Martinek. Also known as “Larry, The Math Guy”, he develop a method that focuses on helping children build deep mathematical understanding – “the number sense” — by honing their math instincts and getting them to think like mathematicians.

The Mathnasium method consists of three parts, which are:

1. Comprehensive written and oral evaluation - All students are given a two-part diagnostic test. The written test is given to assess the student’s weakness with respect to grade-level material. The oral evaluation is used to evaluate the depth of the student’s understanding of key math concepts and skills.

2. Educating your child with the use of a customized program – Using the results of the assessment, the center will develop a learning plan and provide curriculum materials that answer the unique needs of the student. Students attend one-on-one tutorial lessons from a qualified Mathnasium math tutor in the center for an hour, at least twice a week. The curriculum used focuses primarily on written materials and mental math. It also includes manipulatives and other teaching tools when appropriate. The tutor will ensure that in every session, there is a balance with learning new concepts and practicing those that have already been learned.

3. Validation of results – The last part consists of re-evaluating the child after 10 sessions to see the quantitative improvement results. Tutors and parents can also assess a child’s progress through third party proofs such as report cards and standardized assessments provided by the student’s school.

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