Wednesday, March 2, 2016

RIS Services JLT: The Leading Provider Of Business Technology Solutions

leading provider of business solutions and products in the UAE
Running and managing a business today means more than just coming up with and selling your products and services, having good employees to sell them, and being up-to-date with profits and other figures relevant to your venture. There are other important areas you have to consistently keep track of that doing everything yourself or relying on your other employees may just not be enough.

Various kinds of technology keep coming up regularly, all designed to help business owners streamline processes and handle things more efficiently and effectively. Though most of these innovations are worth having and using for your business, it doesn’t mean that you should invest in each and every one of them. You may end up losing a lot of money on a piece of technology that won’t be of any use for your business.

How do you make sure you will be investing in the right technology that can turn everything around regarding the way you run your business? You can do this by working with a trusted business solutions provider.

trusted provider of business solutions and products in the UAE

About RIS Services JLT

RIS Services JLT was launched in Dubai, UAE in 2014. The company specialises in providing in-house business services and solutions through a team of knowledgeable and experienced technical analysts and support technicians.

The company has worked with and satisfied more than 1,500 customers already. RIS Services JLT’s client list include large Retail Pro v8 and V9 installations in the US, such as American Apparel, City Gear, Earthbound Trading, Flip Flop Shops, Russell’s Western Wear, Brown-Forman, Tandy Leather Factory, and Rimowa.

Although the company has worked with and continues to serve well-known clients, they also work with SMEs. RIS Services JLT is committed to helping all their clients who are looking for ways to improve their business.

RIS Services JLT UAE’s office is located at the X2 Tower, in JLT, Dubai 

trusted provider of business solutions and products in the UAE

RIS Services JLT’s Services And Products

Below are the valuable business services and products RIS Services JLT offers:

• Software / Hardware consulting and implementation
• CRM & Customer Loyalty Platform and POS Integration
• E-Commerce Integration
• mPOS & Mobile Inventory
• Custom Programming
• Project Management
• Retail Analytics & Traffic Counting
• Forecasting, Planning & BI Solutions

You can get more details about these services and products by visiting RIS Services JLT’s website.

Why You Should Work With RIS Services JLT

RIS Services JLT already has several years of providing invaluable business products and services. Their team possess deep industry knowledge of specialty retail segments and are always well-informed about any new technologies that keep up with the ever-changing needs of today’s consumers, thus enabling you to keep customers for life. The company also provides technical and customer support 24/7 and their team are made of the friendliest retail technology professionals ready to assist anytime you need them.

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