Thursday, July 21, 2016

How Mathnasium Is Different From Other Math Learning Centers

Children do not hate math. Rather, they hate being intimidated and confused by it. And this is where Mathnasium comes into play.

About Mathnasium

Mathnasium is among the leading math learning centers in Dubai. Their main goal is to significantly increase the math skills of children along with their overall performance. Also, they help build confidence and forge a positive attitude toward Math.

They specialize in educating kids math the way that makes sense to them. They have a certified and qualified team to serve you. Their teachers hold a master’s degree and have a couple of years teaching experience. Apart from that, all of their teachers are trained by Mathnasium, and certified by KHDA or Knowledge and Human Development Authority.

What makes them different from other math learning centers is the Mathnasium Method. Their approach is to make use of sophisticated techniques to determine what your child knows and does not know. After that, they will make a prescriptive and personalized learning program.

The Mathnasium Method

Evaluate – Students will be given a two-part diagnostic test. The first is a written test and the second is a series of oral questions.

Educate – They will make sure of the results of their assessments in order to develop a learning plan as well as provide curriculum materials that will efficiently cater to the unique needs of the student. Students will receive one-on-one guidance.

Validate – After 10 sessions, they will reassess your child as well as show you quantitative improvement results. Also, they will rely on third party proofs of progress – these include standardized assessments and report cards.

Curriculum Structure

Mathnasium follows its own curriculum. And this differentiates them also from other learning centers and private tutors around the world. Such curriculum is independent from any school curriculum followed in Dubai. Still, they make sure that children won’t be confused. A joint effort and collaboration among parents, students, and Mathnasium teachers will better gear the design of every tailor-made learning plan and guarantee a complete alignment with school materials and program. The heart of this curriculum is comprised of Wholes & Parts, Counting, Proportional Thinking & Change.

Their Offered Summer Promo

If you register before the 15th of July 2016 in Mathnasium’s 3 months, 6 months or 9 months packages and get extra sessions and 1 Free week of Summer Camp Free.

  • Register for a 3 months package and get 1 extra week + 1 week Free of Summer Camp
  • Register for a 6 months package and get 3 extra weeks + 1 week Free of Summer Camp
  • Register for 9 months package and get 6 extra weeks + 1 week Free of Summer Camp

The summer holiday program can be used for a week, 2 weeks or the whole period of your child’s vacation. Be aware that upon registration, they offer Free Assessment. Call them to book an assessment or check them out at

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