Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Satisfy Your Cravings At 1762 – The Gourmet Deli Co.

One of the best restaurants and catering companies in Dubai
Food is the fuel that keeps everyone going. People spend hours cooking or creating well-prepared meals so that they and the whole family can enjoy eating them. They usually do this three times a day – during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

If people don’t have the time to prepare meals or simply want to eat them without working hard for them, they opt to dine at a restaurant. Another option they can go for is to have these meals catered and delivered to them.

Whether you choose to eat at a restaurant or have your meals catered or delivered to you, it is important to select a good dining establishment that offers a variety of food options and services. This means that aside from being a restaurant that has a great menu, consider choosing one that offers catering services as well.

Well-known restaurant and catering company in Dubai

About 1762

1762 – The Gourmet Deli Co. is the brainchild of the passionate foodies behind Appetite. 1762 is one of the leading catering companies in Dubai that offer delicious, creative, and unique menus for all occasions. 1762 is known for their passion for great food and service. Whether you are eating at their restaurant or having food catered to you, you will be satisfied.  The team of 1762 make sure that they serve delicious food of the highest standards using only the best ingredients available.

In terms of catering, from menu design, to highly trained service staff, equipment hire and event management, 1762 will help you plan and execute the perfect event.

leading restaurant and catering company in Dubai

1762’s Catering Options

1762 offers different catering options ideal for various types of events. These include the following:

Disposable Drop Off
– The team of 1762 will whip up and deliver your gourmet corporate finger foods, sandwiches, and desserts garnished and ready to serve in disposable window boxes. All orders come with disposable cutlery, plates and napkins, ready to serve and be eaten. They are perfect for corporate meetings and training sessions.

Rustic Wooden Board Set-up – If you’re looking for something fancier, 1762 offers their popular deli wooden board set up at the convenience of your location. An  experienced catering stylist will come to your home or office to set up and garnish a beautiful display of scrumptious finger foods, salads and sandwiches, which will impress all of your guests.

Complete Event Services – 1762’s experienced and talented team will work closely with you to so that you can have a unique and bespoke event. They have everything that you will need for a full service event such as a professional wait staff, trained onsite chefs, extensive menu options, and a full range of equipment.

1762’s Menu

Below are some of meals and dishes 1762 is known for:

• Buffet
• Canapés
• Afternoon tea menu (sandwich bites, sweets, etc.)
• Gourmet platters
• Bowl and fork menu (fish and chips, Ahi tuna tacos, etc.)
•Beverages (fresh juices, coffee, tea, etc.)

Learn more about 1762, menu and catering services by visiting their website.

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