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NIMR Automotive: The Leading Manufacturer Of Armoured And Military Vehicles In The UAE

leading manufacturer of security and military vehicles
Local police and military units and companies or organizations involved in or that specialise in the provision of security and protection services need to have a variety necessary weapons, tools, and gears in their arsenal.  Border patrols, NGO’s, embassies, and other organizations and individuals living or assigned in hostile or high-risk environments require the same as well. Guns, ammunition, tasers, helmets, and bulletproof vests are just some of the key protection and security items and equipment that they need.

Such companies and organizations will need specialised types of vehicles, too. They are usually called armoured, security, or special operations vehicles. They are used to provide complete safety and protection to the users from bullets, shrapnel, landmines, stones and rocks as well as other forms of deadly items and accidents.
well-known manufacturer of security and military vehicles

NIMR Automotive

If you’re looking to invest in new security or armoured vehicles, you can find one of the leading manufacturers of these specific types of vehicles in Dubai: NIMR Automotive.

NIMR Automotive is one of the biggest and well-known manufacturers of light and medium weight wheeled military vehicles. This company, based in the United Arab Emirates, is highly regarded for their vehicles’ reputation of versatility, ruggedness, and performance. 

The company was formed in 2000. The first NIMR vehicle was announced as a joint venture between Jordan's King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) and Bin Jabr Enterprises of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The company took its name from the Arabic word for tiger. Their first vehicle was described as a multipurpose vehicle designed to address the requirements for replacing existing 4×4 light tactical vehicles, primarily in the Middle East and Asia.

Today, NIMR Automotive has been in continuous service with Armed Forces across the MENA region. With their complete in-house design capability and modern production facilities, this manufacturing company provides a total solution to meet even the most demanding defence needs.

reputable manufacturer of security and military vehicles

NIMR Automotive’ Vehicle Line-Up

Below are the security, armoured, and military vehicles NIMR has introduced in the market:


• AJBAN 420
• AJBAN 440
• AJBAN 440A
• AJBAN 450


• HAFEET 620

N35 Class

• N35-4
• N35-6

Reasons To Choose NIMR Automotive

Aside from the variety of high-quality vehicles to choose from, NIMR Automotive has built a reputation for exceptional performance in the harshest desert conditions. With their unique, modular 4x4 and 6x6 chassis and driveline, this manufacturing company provides utility, logistic, and command variants as well as protected patrol vehicles, all with a range of protection options. All NIMR vehicles also provide the tactical mobility required to meet an assorted range of operational requirements on the modern battlefield.

NIMR’s world-class Engineering team brings a depth of military vehicle experience to the design of all its vehicles. They also use only the latest materials and subsystems to obtain the best performance and meet customer requirements.

NIMR always strives to improve its range of vehicles, building on the experience of the existing fleet, and combining it with comprehensive trials and testing in the most demanding environments. Their Integrated Logistic Support ensures that the NIMR vehicles continue to perform in service and this also provides a foundation for full lifecycle support.

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