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Hisham Wyne: Dubai’s Most Talented And Dependable MC And Presenter

trusted MC and presenter in Dubai
Corporate events, whether big or small, would require a substantial amount of time, money, and preparation. Event planners will have to make sure that every detail, no matter how minute it is, has been ironed out and that these will contribute something positive to the occasion.

Aside from taking painstaking care to look for the best venue, catering services, and coming up with the right program or schedule of activities, it is important to hire the right experts as well to help ensure the smooth flow and success of this event. One of these specialists that you should hire is an MC or presenter.

What Can An MC And Presenter Do For Your Event?

An MC or presenter has several important responsibilities on his or her shoulder before and during an event. For one, an event presenter can help you come up with or revise your program to make it more interesting, informative, and ideal for the audience. Aside from presenting each speaker or activity, the MC or presenter will also make sure that the program proceeds smoothly during the event, making sure that each speaker or activity takes place only within the specific timeframe. An MC or presenter will also see to it that there is a seamless transition between the speakers or activities.  
professional MC and presenter in Dubai

Hisham Wyne: A Well-Known MC, Presenter, And Compere In Dubai

If you have an upcoming event in Dubai or in other areas in the GCC area and you’re looking for a professional MC, presenter, or compere to handle all the hosting duties, you can consider hiring Hisham Wyne.

Hisham Wyne is a renowned event MC, presenter, compere, and keynote speaker who frequently helps global brands by hosting important and memorable occasions. He has years of experience emceeing events ranging from gala dinners, activations and launches, and training sessions to high powered conferences and meetings.

Hisham also regularly interviews CEOs and high-level decision makers. He is also one of the most talented and versatile copywriters and content specialists based in Dubai.  
Hosting Experiences And Stints Of Hisham Wyne

Below are some of the events Hisham has hosted or presented for:
leading MC and presenter in Dubai • Customer Festival Awards (2015)
• UAE Barista Championship (2010 to 2015)
• Eid with Maz Jobrani (2015)
• Al Tayer Annual Day (2015)
• Citibank Client Relationship (2015)
• DISTREE ME (2015)
• Unilever USLP Update Conference (2015)
• Influencer shoot for Infiniti (2015)
• Alcatel ONETOUCH IDOL 3 launch (2015)
• Paperworld Mid­dle East Wrap Star (2013, 2014, & 2015)
• GITEX Hot Stuff Awards Party (2014)
• Acer Middle East Press Conference (2014)
• #TieCon Dubai entrepreneurial conference - organised by TIE’s Dubai chapter (2014)
• Christian Dior Gala Dinner (2014)
• Samsung Dubai Mall activation (2014)
• The Dubai Airports HR Gala Dinner (2014)
• Acer product reveal (2014)

You can read more about Hisham Wyne, his hosting background and experiences by visiting this link.

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