Sunday, July 31, 2016

Peachymama: The Perfect Online Companion For Mums

complete online resource for nursing mums
Nowadays, most people get all the information they need or are looking for online. This includes mums, newbies or not. Mums and would-be-mums log on to the Internet to read up on or get some parenting tips, recipes, the latest fashion and trends, and other articles that can help them be better parents and homemakers.

Mums who want access to a website where they can shop for the trendiest breastfeeding fashion and at the same, read numerous great articles regarding nursing and motherhood don’t have to scour the Internet to find the perfect site.  The website of Peachymama is one of the best online sources for mums today.

trusted online resource for nursing mums

About Peachymama

Peachymama is the brainchild of Merril Bainbridge. The idea of designing nursing clothes came to her in 2007 while she was still nursing her daughter. At that time, she was finding it difficult to look for comfy and practical breastfeeding clothes that were also fashionable. As a result of this, Merril started designing nursing clothes that allow mums to comfortably and discreetly breastfeed their babies while looking stylish and chic at the same time.

complete online resource for nursing mums

Peachymama’s Online Shop

All the nursing clothes you can find at Peachymama are designed in a way that accentuates a mum’s beautiful curves while hiding the bits they would rather not show. All clothes are made of quality materials and come in flattering prints and colours. In addition, Peachymama provides their nursing wear to customers all over the world and as such, offer both Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections any time of the year.

On their online shop, you can find a variety of styles, designs, and colours of the following:

• Tops
• Tank tops
• T-shirts
• Dresses
• Pants
• Slips
• Basic apparels (shirts, tops, and tank tops that can go with your existing wardrobe)

Peachymama’s Blog

Aside from the assortment of fashionable and functional nursing clothes you can find on the website of Peachymama, this site is also home to a great blog that has a variety of informative, useful, and interesting articles. Their articles cover a wide range of topics that include fashion and fashion tips, breastfeeding, parenting, health and fitness, and some current events.

Mums, especially nursing ones, will definitely find the website of Peachymama a complete online source for all things they need to know about breastfeeding and being a mother. Best of all, Peachymama will satisfy all your needs for fashionable and functional nursing clothes that you can still wear even after you have stopped breastfeeding your baby.

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