Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Easytruck - The Only Portable Self-Storage Company In Dubai

When it comes to portable storage services, they are indeed among the best service providers in Dubai these days. In fact, Easytruck is the only portable self-storage company in Dubai.

About Easytruck

It was in 2009 that Easytruck Removals & Storage was launched by husband and wife team Natalie & Chris Humphrey. They started as a professional moving company. In 2011, they branched into the storage business. And in 2013, they combined their expertise in professional moving services and storage in order to create a new approach to the business – and mobile storage was born. Today, Easytruck operates over 30,000 sqft of air-conditioned facilities conveniently located in the heart of Dubai.

Their PODs

Their portable storage services and facilities in Dubai are indeed the first of its kind in UAE. All of their self-storage unites, known as storage PODs are 5.5 cubic meters in size and can hold a heap of stuff. They are designed to be transported on their trucks. Their main advantage over other storage companies in Dubai is that the storage units will remain perfectly level through the entire process.
Their PODs are made from high-quality plywood and raised from the ground on a very special base. It is made from wood since this material breathes, and is proven to be the safest storage solution.

Services They Offer

Mobile Self-Storage – This is a self-storage delivered right in front of your door. They will deliver the mobile storage PODs to you, pack, load and lock them. But the keys will be handed to you. They will store it in there secure A/C warehouses. Most importantly, you will have 7 days free access to it.
Local Moving – They will take care of each aspect, from disassembling your furniture and packing them up, to moving them and assembling everything in your new home. Their professional movers and packers are well-trained to properly handle various sizes and kinds of packages. Hence, it is rest assured that all your belongings are in excellent hands with them. After finishing the move, they will take care of dinner for you with a Freedom Pizza on them.
Commercial Storage – This service will provide the ideal backup storage facility for any business. The convenience, simplicity, and cost-efficiency of using their PODs is indeed the perfect alternative to renting extra space. With their careful box-by-box inventory process, you will always be able to have access to whatever you need at any time.

Why Choose Them?

Convenient – You just have to sit back since they will do all the work, from packing to loading and unloading at warehouses.
Cost-effective – Due to the fact that you do not need to hire a moving company, you just have to pay for the storage and packing service. The delivery and pickup are on them.
Secure – Once your POD is packed and locked, the keys will be handed to you.
Organized – They will record the contents of each of your PODs and separate by room so they will know where exactly everything is.
Safe – Since your POD is loaded once at your home, the chance of damage related with loading and unloading moving trucks is low.
Excellent Warehouses – Their storage warehouses are fully insured, air conditioned, secure, and pest-free.
Excellent Customer Service – Their reputation is built on the foundations of exceptional customer service. They have hard-working, friendly, helpful, and respectful staff to assist you throughout the process. 

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