Thursday, July 14, 2016

UltraCool Oil Cooling Systems: Boosting The Performance Of Your Harley-Davidson

Leading manufacturer and dealer of Harley-Davidson supplies and parts
You may have heard of the terms “Harley mania” or Harley culture”. These terms are proof of the popularity of Harley-Davidson, not just in the USA but across the globe.  But what makes this brand have a huge following and be loved by millions? Here are some of the reasons:

• Harley-Davidson introduced a new engine, the Revolution™ engine, in 2001, which is now used in their new models. The Revolution is still a V-twin but it has a 60-degree V, is water-cooled, has 4 overhead camshafts, and boasts of 9,000 RPM redline.

• Before 2001, Harley-Davidson contains the two-cylinder V-twin design with a 45-degree angle between the cylinders.

• All Harley-Davidson models have engines that are air-cooled and overhead valves which are activated by camshafts in the crankcase.

• Harley engines have a long stroke. Their engines are low-revving and have lots of torque, with redline typically in the 5,000 RPM range.

• Harley-Davidson engines have a single-pin crankshaft. This gives the engine a unique sound.

reputable manufacturer and dealer of Harley-Davidson supplies and parts

Improving Your Harley’s Road Performance

Although you may consider your Harley the perfect road machine, there are still various ways you can improve its performance. One of these is by investing in high-quality supplies, parts, and accessories.

UltraCool Oil Cooling Systems is a leading manufacturer and distributor of oil coolers and Harley parts. The company’s headquarters is located in Hollister, CA. Their products are also distributed by well-known shops and retailers such as Custom Chrome, House of Thunder Harley Davidson, Iron Horse Motor Company, and HK Cycles.

trusted manufacturer and dealer of Harley-Davidson supplies and parts


Below are the products of UltraCool Oil Cooling Systems:

Oil Cooler

UltraCool’s Fan assisted oil cooler boasts of a 17 row heat exchanger, 190 CFM dual fans, and a thermal switch that activates the fans when your oil reaches 210° degrees. With this product, your oil temperature is controlled and maintained at its earliest stage so that your engine is fully protected.

This oil cooler is recommended for the following Harley models:

• Dyna
• Softail
• Trike

Harley FLH 1999 – 2008 Model Parts

These include, but not limited to:

• Adapter key
• Anti-rotation kit-back plate
• Fitting tool
• FLO reusable oil filters
• Hose

Harley FLH 2009 – 2016 Model Parts

Some of these parts and accessories include:

• Anti-rotation kit-back plate
• Fitting tool
• Reusable oil filters
• Reefer covers
• Thermal switch

Harley Dyna Parts

Parts and accessories include the following:

• Adapter key
• Anti-rotation kit-back plate
• Dyna cooler mounting bracket
• L.E.D. light kit
• Oil adapter gasket kit

Harley Softail Parts

Below are some of the Softail parts the company carries:

• Adapter key
• Fitting tool
• Anti-rotation kit-back plate
• Softail cooler core
• Reefer dual fans with bullet connector

Get more details about these products by visiting the website of Ultracool, Inc.

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