Monday, July 18, 2016

Alkatraz Productions – Creating Powerful Videos for Your Business

With the huge amount of information these days, videos have become popular not only as a form of entertainment but also as an essential part of making online presence more efficient among businesses. A lot of social media and video sharing sites like YouTube have become the most powerful tool to attract and get more visitors.

For example, in Dubai where lots of international businesses are, you will find various production houses with new technologies for video production.  They play a very vital role in creating training videos, tutorials, testimonials and so much more to help boost a company's presence, both offline and online.

Get to know the Alkatraz Productions Company

One very established name in the world of video productions Dubai offers is the Alkatraz team. The Alkatraz Company ( takes pride in their team composed of very passionate and highly talented professionals.  Since it was founded in 2013, their services have stood out all over the region.  You can check out their list of highly rated projects from short films and feature films to music videos and TVC’s, as well as events and other new media content. They have also worked with most if not all of the local production houses in the UAE.  To date, they are also working with a number of foreign production houses.

What Services does the Alkatraz team offer?

One of the integral parts of the company framework is acquiring new talent and finding the right one. With their large casting databases and experiences in creating major movie shots, they are able to provide you the most suitable one for your project from featured cast members down to background extras.
Securing Unique Locations
With the team’s great working relationship with major offices like the Dubai Film and TV Commission, airports, police and even road and transport authorities, the team can get access to many locations that are nor easily available to their competitors.
Aside from their extensive portfolios of locations, they also take pride in their team members and managers who are all knowledgeable about the local production landscape and well experienced in managing on the day of the shoot.
 Unit Services
Being the backbone of the business, they have the resources to ensure their clients are comfortable all throughout the shoot rain or shine. Their Unit team is also trained and prepared for any emergencies. They are also fully equipped from pop-up tents, tables and chairs to first aid kits, traffic control gears, and even portable air conditioners.

Other Services also includes Aerial Filming and Film and TV.

How to Contact them?
One very good thing about them is that you can always talk to each of their team depending on the kind of your query. 

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