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We Jamaicans Be Like: Showcasing The Best Of Jamaican Culture, Entertainment, And Travel

online source for Jamaican travel, culture and entertainment
Bob Marley, Usain Bolt, Tyson Beckford, and Grace Jones – these are just some of the big names from Jamaica who are well-known all over the world. This island country is home to numerous talented artists, musicians, models, and athletes. As a result, Jamaica is not one of the obscure or unknown countries in the world today.

Aside from these popular personalities, Jamaica is also an island haven for thousands of tourists. Thousands of tourists come here every year for some fun and frolic. Holidaymakers won’t be unsatisfied with their stay here since this island country has a lot offer.

Places Of Interest In Jamaica

Jamaica is home to various well-known landmarks and tourist attractions, which include the following:

• Montego Bay
• Ocho Rios
• Negril Beach
• Falmouth
• Martha Brae River
• Blue Mountains
• John Crow Mountains National Park
• Kingston
• Rio Grande River
• Mayfield Falls & Mineral Springs

Aside from areas of interest, there are a lot of other things visitors can enjoy in Jamaica. The cuisine here is to die for. Some of the popular Jamaican dishes are curry goat, fried dumplings, fried plantain, "jerk", and ackee and saltfish (cod) – the national dish of Jamaica.  You shouldn’t miss out on drinking the country’s national beverage, which is rum, and the other refreshing concoctions while you’re here either. Jamaica is also an entertainment hub so you won’t have a boring time during your stay here.

complete online source for Jamaican travel, culture and entertainment

About We Jamaicans Be Like

If you want to have a holiday in Jamaica but need help with planning your stay or activities here, you can make use of the right travel website. One of these websites you should visit is www.wejamaicansbelike.com.

We Jamaicans Be Like is a group of people who have come together to shed light on Jamaican culture. Through their website, they hope to promote everything in and about Jamaica, from entertainment, current events, up to all the fun and fanfare the country has to offer.

The website aims to be the complete source for everything about Jamaican travel, culture, and entertainment. It is a site that tourists and locals will definitely want to visit to be in the know regarding everything about Jamaica.
leading online source for Jamaican travel, culture and entertainment

About We Jamaicans Be Like’s Website

Currently, the website offers great giveaways and promos that visitors can avail of. Website visitors can enjoy taking online quizzes and viewing amazing photos of and about Jamaica on their Photo of the Day page.

The treasure trove of We Jamaicans Be Like’s website though lies in its featured posts. They have a lot of interesting and informative articles, all inspired by Jamaica. The most popular articles you can read include:

• 19 Fun Facts About Jamaica You May Not Know
• FernGully, Dolphin Cove Jamaica & Other Favorite Jamaican Tourist Destination
• 5 Steps to Getting Married In Jamaica
• 19 Mouth Watering Jamaican Jerk Chicken Recipes
• How To Make Authentic Jamaican Rum Punch

Visit the website now if you’re interested to learn more about the beautiful country of Jamaica.

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