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Feel Pampered And Beautiful At The Bedashing Beauty Lounge

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Women go to beauty salons for various reasons. If they have to attend a wedding, a gala, or an important corporate evening party, women would head to the nearest salon to have their hair and makeup done. They will also have a mani and pedi as well.

Sometimes, ladies don’t need any particular reason to go to a beauty salon. If you feel that it’s time for a makeover, you talk to the hairdresser and find out which dye colour, length, and style of hair would look great on you. If you have straight hair, you may decide to get a perm. There are also salons that offer massage and other pampering treatments which you can enjoy after a particularly busy and hectic week.

well-known beauty salon in Abu Dhabi

The Bedashing Beauty Lounge

Ladies in Abu Dhabi who want to feel pampered and beautiful for an important occasion or for no reason at all can get all the beauty, makeover, and pampering treatments and services they need from the Bedashing Beauty Lounge.

Bedashing Beauty Lounge started as Dashing Nails back in 2008. It started out as a nail salon spa first. The salon underwent a rebranding to offer more beauty and pampering treatment and services and to accommodate a wider range of clientele.

Bedashing Beauty Lounge is now widely-regarded in Abu Dhabi as a modern, trendsetting beauty lounge. The salon is known for its unique and welcoming ambience and pampering services. Unlike other salons, Bedashing Beauty Lounge offers complete excellent beauty experiences through their various beauty treatments


Bedashing Beauty Lounge has 6 salons across Abu Dhabi. They are located in:

• Al Falah
• Al Khaleej Al Arabi
• Fairmont Bab Al Bahr
• Khalifa City A
• Delma Street
• Central Market

trusted beauty salon in Abu Dhabi

Bedashing Beauty Lounge Treatments And Services

Below are some of the beauty and pampering treatments and services offered by Bedashing Beauty Lounge:


• Manicure and pedicure
• Shape and polish change
• Callus removal
• Feet reflexology
• Dry head, neck, and shoulder massage
• Sensual treatments
• Gel polish
• Super enhancements
• Artistic fashionable nails


• Hair cut
• Blow dry
• Hair treatments
• BD hair extension
• Curling
• Hair up – bridal
• Hair colour / dye treatments
• High and low lights

Body hair removal

• Wax
• Halawa
• No-strip

Body treatments

• Tanning
• LPG-Body treatments
• Oriental Bliss

Facial / face enhancements or treatments

• Eyelash extensions and enhancement
• Brow enhancement (threading, tinting, and bleaching)
• Makeup
• LPG-Face

Bedashing Beauty Lounge also offers special bridal packages for ladies on their important day. The salon also has a Busy B package. They also have a Very Important Fashionista (VIF) package where ladies can enjoy 2 hours of pampering in the salon’s VIF chamber.

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