Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Leafy Landscapes: A Leading Provider Of Top-Notch Lawn Care And Landscaping Services In Florida

trusted provider of lawn care and landscaping services in Florida
Florida is abundant in beautiful lawns and gardens which can be found in both residential, commercial, and public properties. Property owners and managers make it a point to ensure that their lawns are well-maintained and thriving. This practically means that all gardening chores are done regularly and properly.

However, not all property owners have the time in the world and the right tools, equipment, and supplies to use to regularly carry out a multitude of lawn care and landscaping chores.  But they still manage to have lawns that are healthy and truly appealing. The reason behind this is they invest in professional lawn care and landscaping services. With the help of these service providers, property owners can have a beautiful and thriving lawn without all the hard work.

reputable provider of lawn care and landscaping services in Florida

About Leafy Landscapes

Leafy Landscapes is one of the leading providers of lawn care and landscaping services and solutions in Florida. This company has been providing their specialized services since 2007 and as such, it is one of the most well-known and trusted lawn care and landscaping company in this state.

Leafy Landscapes was founded by Rob Rist and Drew Henderson. At present, Rob Rist has taken the primary role in leading this company. Under his leadership, the firm has grown to be one of the most complete lawn care and landscaping service providers that understands and takes into the account Florida’s plant materials. In addition, Leafy Landscapes is known for providing only the best quality of customer service.

The company’s main office is located at 5889 S. Williamson Blvd. Suite #1328, Port Orange, Florida.

leading provider of lawn care and landscaping services in Florida

Leafy Landscapes' Services
The company offers a variety of services which include the following:

Landscape Construction and Installation
• Landscape design & consultations
• Plant and tree installation
• Design and installation of concrete pavers
• Fire pits
• Retaining walls
• Erosion control (re-directing downspouts, French drain, and sump pump installations)
• Site gradinga
• Landscape lighting
• Sodding services
• Soil installation
• Stone installation
• Mulch application

Landscape Management

• Ground maintenance
• Lawn & shrub care
• Mowing
• Shrub trimming
• Weeding
• Spring & fall clean-ups
• Mulch application
• Irrigation inspections
• Palm  and tree trimming
• Pressure washing

Leafy Landscapes offers their services to property owners located in Port Orange, Palm Coast, Ormond Beach, Orange City, New Smyrna Beach, Flagler Beach, Edgewater, Deltona, Deland, Debary, Daytona Beach, and nearby areas.

Why Choose Leafy Landscapes

If you want consistent quality in the lawn care and landscaping services your property needs, Leafy Landscapes has never failed in this aspect. With their expert team, the company makes it a point to satisfy all their customer’s requirements every time.

In addition, the company boasts of only the friendliest and helpful staff. Every Leafy Landscapes employee will see to it that all your questions and concerns are addressed properly and they will maintain utmost professionalism inside and outside the office and in all forms of communication.

Leafy Landscapes is a one-stop shop for all your lawn care and landscaping needs in Florida. But aside from their services, you can expect to work with only the most professional and friendly experts that will make sure all your requirements are met. 

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