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A Look At The Website Of PediaSure Arabia

Trusted Milk Brand In Saudi Arabia
It is a given fact that a lot of kids won’t eat or drink everything that you give them. Unfortunately, the majority of these food and beverages that they will refuse to eat are the ones that are nutritious and would help them greatly in having a healthy body.

Because of this, many parents are always on the lookout for various ways and means to ensure that their child gets the right amount of daily nutrients he or she needs.  This can be quite hard if they opt to give their kids well-thought of and prepared meals and snacks that meets their required dietary intake each day, especially if the parents have 8-5 work schedules 5 times a week.

Why Kids Should Drink Milk

Parents and caregivers can be assured that their kids or wards can get the nutrients they need daily without force-feeding them greens and fruits that they don’t like by giving them the right milk to drink. This is because the right glass of milk a day contains different types and the right amount of vitamins and minerals they will need every day.

With a glass of milk a day, a child’s nerve and brain development is improved. Due to its calcium content, kids will have healthier and stronger bones and even teeth. It can also help kids the boost of the energy they need.

Leading Milk Brand In Saudi Arabia

About PediaSure Complete

PediaSure Complete is one of the most sought-after brands of milk for kids in Saudi Arabia today. It is the most advanced PediaSure Formulation with Triple Sure System for children aged 1 to10 years.

PediaSure Complete stands out from the rest since it contains the New Triple Protein complex blended in to an Advanced Carbohydrate base. It also contains scientifically designed lipid profile and MCTs which are now bio-enhanced with vitamins and complimented with AA and DHA to provide kids the most complete balanced nutrition.

It also has an improved system of essential vitamins and minerals which meets or exceeds 100% of the U.S. Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI) for protein. It also contains 25 vitamins and minerals in nearly 1000 ml for children ages 1 to 8 year and 1500 ml for children ages 9 to 13 years.

PediaSure Complete also has a unique symbiotic blend made up of probiotics or good bacteria and the prebiotic FOS. It is also gluten and lactose-free (not for children with galactosemia).

Lastly, kids will love drinking this milk since it comes in 4 flavours: Sweet Honey, Classic Vanilla, Milk Chocolate and Strawberry. They also come in 400 and 900 gram packs.

PediaSure Complete is a product of Abbott Laboratories.

Trusted online source for healthy recipes for kids

An Overview Of The Website

Aside from getting details about PediaSure Complete, the website of this milk brand also offers other great posts about parenting and child nutrition.

On its Child Nutrition page, you will find recommendations for healthy diets for kids. You’ll also read more posts about what your child should be consuming more and not eating and drinking.

If you are also looking for resources on how to properly keep track of child’s growth and development, you’ll also find this on the site. Lastly, on their Healthy Eating Tips’ page, you’ll get great nutritious and delicious recipes for your kids, meal prep tips, tips for picky eaters, and other articles that will help your child be healthier through the dishes you will serve.

Visit the website of PediaSure Arabia to find out more!

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