Sunday, September 11, 2016

Learning More About Didgeridoo Through Didge Dojo

Many people do not really know how to play didgeridoo. Most of them have not even heard of the word. However, there are also some people who really love it but they just struggle due to lack of access to excellent quality training and in-person lessons. Fortunately, there is a great online resource on how to properly play didgeridoo. With the help of this online resource, you will be able to understand the basic of playing the game to really it enjoy it.

About Didge Dojo

Didge Dojo is an online resource that teaches people how to play didgeridoo. Basically, there are different stages that the site teaches depending on your current knowledge about the game. The main goal of Didge Dojo is to give the closest thing to a one-on-one experience as possible. They have comprehensive video lessons that range from beginner techniques such as making the drone zone and circular breathing to advanced techniques.

The Courses They Offer

Beginners – If you are new to didgeridoo, this section will show you how to play it and where to start. You will be taught all the fundamental techniques in building blocks which is the basic in didgeridoo playing. The basics that you will be taught are quick and easy to learn and in no time, you will be sounding fantastic. In this stage, you will learn circular breathing, which is a very significant technique that allows you to play continuously.

Intermediate – Now, if you are already ready for a more challenging level, this stage is recommended for you. If you have already learned the basics, your next step will be getting these lessons to make several cool sounds on the didgeridoo. Here, you can dabble in playing some simple rhythms and master the circular breathing technique mixed with other techniques. Among the lessons you can learn in this stage include the didgeridoo vocals & sounds, tongues and mouthshapes on the didgeridoo, proper breathing, diaphragm techniques, and tooting. This is usually the stage when you will most enjoy didgeridoo.

Advanced – This is the stage that is mostly considered as advanced. It may be advanced but it is actually not that difficult especially if you have gone through the first two stages of learning to play didgeridoo.Here, you will learn how to build a groove, create rhythm timing, do the wobble #1, #2 and #3, beat boxing, air accents, integrate vocals into a rhythm, harmonic phaser, vocal double tonguing, tippy tonguing, off-beat vocals, vocalize your bounce breath and creating soundscapes. when you have reached this level, you are already considered a master in didgeridoo playing.

Contact Info 

To know more about Didge Dojo and the different courses they offer, you can check out their website. They also have a contact form provided for your questions and general inquiries. Didge Dojo is open 7 days a week and they usually reply to emails within the day.

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