Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Joubert Nutrition – Your Best Help In Raising Healthy Children

Obesity in children is rampant nowadays. With plenty of instant meals in the market today, more and more children are having weight problems. As a parent, how will you ensure that you will raise your child healthy? Katie Joubert can be of help.

About Joubert Nutrition

Joubert Nutrition is founded by Katie Joubert, who has a Master’s degree in Applied Human Nutrition and a specialist in paediatric nutrition. Growing up on a farm in South Africa, she learned about the origins of food and has always had great passion for cooking with fresh ingredients.

Her enthusiasm for good food and a healthy way of life is contagious. Her youthful energy has inspired both children and adults to learn more and live better.

She specialises in providing counselling and nutritional advice to mothers and their children. Also, she is very dedicated to helping families in making positive changes for better health. She launched her 6-week program, The Food Clinic that targets children between 4 and 10 years of age. She teaches young children about making excellent food choices. She gives emphasis on developing life-long healthy habits that start at childhood. Basically, she can help raise healthy children with a healthy weight in order to prevent obesity, adult non-communication diseases, and Type 2 Diabetes.

Working With Katie

The Starting Point – In this stage, you will understand your child’s growth and development, know your food history, and set realistic and age appropriate expectations.

Food 101 – Here, you will fully understand food, food groups, self-service, and portion sizes, Also, you will find satisfaction in 3 meals, 2 snacks, and warding off excess hunger.

Feeding – You will understand the difference between a feeding style and a feeding practice. You will also learn about a feeding system that works, along with the importance and nurturing self-regulation.
Her main aim is to demonstrate as well as offer strategies for integrating excellent food behaviours with boundaries around media use.

Kid’s Food Clinic

Group 1:  Toddlers/ Pre-Schoolers – 3-5 yr. old
The objectives of this program are to explore different foods, engage in the making of food, try food in various forms, learn the different fruit and vegetables, and see how things are grown. Activities, which are equivalent to 6 sessions, will include planting your own seeds, vegetable tasting and exploration, fruit tasting and exploration, and making pizzas, smoothies, and homemade pull-apart scrolls.

Group 2 : School Age 6-10 yr. old
Weekly activities will include breakfast time, lunch time, dinner time, breakfast burritos, and making pizzas and pancakes. The objectives of these activities are to learn about the significance of the 3 main meals, know why people eat food, experience hands-on involvement and foster independence in the kitchen and with the food choices they make.

You can learn more about how Katie can help you raise your children healthy by checking her out at

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