Tuesday, September 6, 2016

GoAerials: The Leader In Creative Aerial Filming And Photography Services

Trusted provider of aerial filming, cinematography and photography services
Photos and videos professionally shot in the air are used for various reasons by different types of businesses and organisations. These types of content are often used for marketing and promotional purposes of resorts and hotels, restaurants, and universities and schools. When these businesses and organisations showcase their remarkable facilities and amenities through beautiful and artistic aerial shots and videos, people will find all their offerings very appealing.

To get the most out of photos and videos shot from the air, it is essential that all of these are done by trained professionals. In addition, the final content should also be something that has been enhanced which will enable businesses and organisations use them for the right reasons.

leading provider of aerial filming, cinematography and photography services

About GoAerials
GoAerials is one of the leading providers of aerial filming and cinematography services in the UAE today. The company is a division of Alkatraz Production – a company that continues to work extensively throughout the UAE, GCC, and other areas to deliver world-class aerial filming and cinematography solutions and services.

GoAerials uses only the most modern and advanced photography and filmmaking equipment. They have the most experienced and creative team that specialises in aerial filming and photography and are fully committed to making only world-class productions. They also work with only the best helicopter operators, pilots, and equipment houses to make sure that every shoot is safe from start to end. The team will work tirelessly to churn out results that would fully satisfy the client’s wants and requirements.

The company works with their associates helidubai, Aerial Filmworks, and Dedicam, and as such, are in the best position to help you achieve your creative vision.

GoAerials’ main office is located at Office 308, Commercial Building 4, Dubai Studio City , Dubai.
reputable provider of aerial filming, cinematography and photography services

Offered Services And Solutions

GoAerials is known for providing top-notch aerial filming and photography services for feature films, TV commercials, documentaries, and events. They also specialise in stills and architectural progression photography.

Their offered services and solutions include:

Helicopter charter
– GoAerials work with helidubai and they can handle all the work that comes with booking the helicopter needed for the job and liaise with the pilot based on the requirements of the production.

Aerial filming permit application – Once you decide to work with GoAerials, they will take care of all the aerial permits required as long as sufficient time has been given them. The permits they can get for you include the ones issued by the Dubai Film and TV Commission, National Media Council, Sharjah Media, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, General Civil Aviation Authority, GHQ, the Dubai Police, and the Sharjah Police.

Drone work (RPAS / UAV) – The company works with trained drone operators from Dedicam, a company based in Switzerland, in case you need some supplemental aerial filming that this type of airborne equipment can only provide.

Crew provision – GoAerials has the best crew who are all highly experienced in aerial filming and photography. They are also certified HLO (Helicopter Landing Officer) and First Aiders. They can also hire any technical crew you need for your production such as the aerial director of photography, photographer, cameraman, camera technicians, DIT, and key grip.

Logistics –The company can provide you with the logistical support you need for your production including aerial risk assessments, aviation insurance, shipping and customs clearance.

Refuelling – GoAerials can arrange a fuel bowser to be on site for all the necessary Jet A-1 fuel.

Travel and accommodation – The company can handle all your travel and accommodation needs in the U.A.E or for the international aerial team. In case filming out of Dubai is necessary, they can also deal with the hotel requirements for the local crew.

Read more about these services and solutions on GoAerials’ website.

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